AFI # 95 The Last Picture Show (1971) Live Reactions

The following are real-time reactions from my first ever viewing of The Last Picture Show (1971). Read my full review here.

Last Picture Show DVD cover


So cunfused..I thought this movie was made in 1971..why is it in black and white?

So, I guess its made in the 70’s but meant to look like the 50’s. at least based off the music and the vehicles.

Oh! I think this takes place in Texas!

I think i know what this movie is going to be about. Hormones. lots and lots of hormones. Geesh.

Yep..even the dogs have hormones lol

I like the music in this movie! “heyyyy good-looking, whatcha go cookin..”

Holy cow..this PE class?! they are not messing around! The teacher is calling them names, spitting tobacco and smacking their buts

Oh Jeff Bridges!! He is in one of my favorite movies..The Mirror Has Two Faces! Cybil Sheppard is also in one of my favorite movies, Chances Are! (neither of those movies by the way made AFI’s list….)

Cybil’s character may be more responsible than her mother.

Well, definitely Texas. She offered him a soda and he asked for a Dr. Pepper

ITS COUSIN EDDY!! talk about being typecast

Wait..I thought I was the last picture show not The Graduate.

So many naked people and this movie has only been on for 30 mins or so.

I have NO IDEA how I am going to write about this movie.

Yep add this movie to the list of “don’t watch with your Mom”

Sam the lion is Hank Murphy in Angles in the Outfield!

I just zoned out for the entire fishing scene. i feel like this movie has no plot

Do these kids having nothing else to do other than make out? seriously. The movie implies something to do with a movie theater. GO TO THE MOVIE THEATER AND WATCH THE MOVIES.

I get the sinking suspension that Cloris Leachman is going to turn out to be crazy or possessive by the end of the movie.

They just up and got married?

oh goodness, she is just looking for trouble.

If mom sleeps with Sonny too, I’m done.

This town is falling apart. Its like every scene a little more of it dissapears. at first you dont even notice it until all the sudden, you look around and theres nothing left. Oddly enough, I feel like thats how the charecters feel as well.

I can see why Clores Leachman won an Oscar for her role in this movie.


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