I’m Officially a Texan, Y’all

Well, it is official, after almost 7 years I, Jennifer Lynne Shidler, a born and raised Hoosier, am officially a Texan, and I have H-E-B to thank! YEEE HAW!

“But Jennifer, wouldn’t your “Texan” status have been granted the minute you got your driver’s license or purchased property?”


Well, I can see how you would think these acts would make you a true Texan, but the truth is, this is a two-step process. You can accept Texas all you want and say “y’all hail Mary’s” until your face turns blue, but until Texas accepts you back, a true Texan you are not.

Low and behold, on Friday, November 9 2018 at 11:58 am I received my admission letter in the form of a Facebook notification.

“Facebook? How, ah, informal of them..”

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.11.29 PM

Hey! I don’t need a fancy document to prove my new-found state membership! Besides, some of the greatest most powerful people in the world use social media to get their points across and no one thinks any differently about them….(sigh)


Anyway, back to how all this started. Earlier in the day I came across a Facebook video (watch it HERE) of a wayward Turkey who had accidently made its way into the living room of an unsuspecting couple. The video was cute, I had to hit the share button and tagged my favorite grocery store, HEB, and went about my day.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.04.24 PM

What’s HEB you ask? Only the greatest supermarket ever (that’s right Kroger, I said it). They are based out of Texas and there are at least 7 of them within a half hour drive of my house. They are the only place I feel comfortable buying sushi from that isn’t a restaurant, they offer curbside pick-up and they deliver straight to your door. THEY DO IT ALL.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.08.10 PM

I was putting away laundry and my phone went off. There it was. HEB commented on my post (blue verified check mark and all). In fact, not only did they acknowledge my existence with a comment, but they threw in an exclamation point and a winking face emoji just to boost my ego. Did we just become best friends? YEP!

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.03.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.06.16 PM

I always knew this day would come but I had no idea it would be on some idle Friday while in my pajamas folding laundry.

To my dear Indiana, it’s been a great ride. You taught me a lot about life and you will always be my first home, but I must go now. My grocery store needs me. Yall take care now, ya hear.






Thinking {ish} With Jennifer 12 Years Later

Oh boy folks, hope you got a good nights sleep and had your coffee this morning because you are in for a long one today.

I recently underwent a digital purge. Whats a digital purge you ask? A digital purge is the intangible equivalent of going through the junk mail that’s been sitting on the island for months, or cleaning out those receipts that have been lining the bottom of your purse since Christmas. I basically went through files on my computers, deleted Facebook accounts I made for my pets ( I wish I were kidding) went through old emails and even deleted old email accounts I have not used since high school. It is a really gratifying experience and I highly recommend it if you need something to help you avoid doing real chores like mowing the yard, doing the dishes or washing the laundry from your recent vacation. (guilty on all 3 counts)

I was minutes away from closing out my old email account from High School  when I spotted it. A myspace survey that I emailed to a friend to fill out over 12 years ago. It appears to have been filled out days after my Senior prom. I looked through the questions and answers and was amused. In some ways 2006 Jennifer and 2018 Jennifer are so much alike..and in other ways we are so different.

So grab a seat and some popcorn and cringe/laugh/cry with me. My 2006 answer is on the left and the 2018 on the right in bold.

  1. What are you listening to right now?  Watchin TV…Seinfeld. Watching TV still..this time Murphy Brown
  2. What was the last thing you ate? Pizza rolls Hot Tamales..
  3. Do you wish on stars? Nope Didn’t then, still don’t
  4. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Pink Pink? Wowzers. Blue
  5. How is the weather right now? Cold Hot and dusty
  6. Do you like the person who sent this to you?  Yes!!!! I have no idea who sent this to me…it was 12 years ago but I liked them then, so I’m sure I do now.
  7. What do you do to vent anger? Listen to music Listen to music
  8. What was your favorite toy as a child? IDK? Gymnastic Barbie
  9. What color is your house? white?  Green Tan
  10. When was the last time you cried? This morning July 1st
  11. What is on the floor of your closet? Clothes…Clothes
  12. What’s under your bed? the Blue Bed (I haven’t thought of the blue bed in ages!!) vacuum sealed clothes
  13. Who inspires you? My Brother My husband, although my brother is still up there on the inspiration list!
  14. What is your favorite car? one that works..Hahaha I still give this answer in regard to cars. I don’t care as long as it runs and doesn’t cost me a fortune.
  15. What’s your favorite color for a car? Silver Ha. I don’t have a favorite color now..but my current cars color is silver
  16. What book are you reading now? Macbeth for English On Monday I begin The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and I can not wait
  17. What is your least favorite sound? Craking of knukles Cracking of knuckles and the sound of chewing and swallowing
  18. What is your least favorite color? Orange Anything neon
  19. Storms: cool or scary? Really cool!!!!!!!!! Realllly Reallly Cool…I still love storms!
  20. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? yeah i love brocclii Still love broccoli and now I even know how to spell it.
  21. What are your parents’ names? Carla Carla and Rodney. Im mature enough to acknowledge my Dad, yay me. And my mom hasn’t changed her name..at least not that I know of.
  22. What are your grandparents’ names?  Anita and Robert….my grandma is died Robert and Anita Gallion & Bruner and Ruth Kilburn…Why I left out half of my grandparents and felt the need to say my grandma is ‘died”..dead..I am not sure.
  23. lied to your parents about something really important? define really important..I know I have lied..several times..but none of it would be considered important
  24. had your life threatened? No no..not that I know of
  25. stumbled across FBI secrets online? i saw something on myspace about the number 11 and all the 9/11 stuff it was really creepy. Unless the FBI are hiding secrets on DIY pinterest boards or IMDB trivia..the chances of me stumbling upon anything of value is slim to none
  26. stayed up until the morning light talking online? yea…..not as much as i used to when i first got internet Bahahaha..I miss the days of instant messenger. I haven’t done this since my husband (then boyfriend) and I used it so we wouldn’t go over our texting limits
  27. made people give you really weird glances? yeah…talent show baby! Yep, still weird as ever. Talent show not needed
  28. read a Shakespeare play? reading one right now….Macbeth, not to bad..absoultly love a midsummers night dream. Not since high school…Macabeth was probably the last one, actually.
  29. sung at a karaoke bar? no but i have in emilys waiting room… Emily’s waiting room?! What? And yes..I have sang karaoke in a bar and on a cruise ship
  30. cried during a chick flick? yea…..i hate the notebook  its a beautiful book….but it makes me cry every time to the point where it hurts yep. Still a sucker for sad movies. 
  31. gotten in a car accident? No oh sweet, safe and responsible Jennifer. You have been in 3 car accidents since you filled this out last..only 1 one of them was your fault
  32. liked someone so much you cried? not for a long time well I love my husband..but I don’t cry about it lol
  33. cussed when your parents were around? never…i get yelled at for saying crap (shhhh don’t tell) bahaha…yes. But if you knew my current family dynamic you would understand.
  34. called your sister/brother a cuss word? when we were 6/7 i called him a horses ass! lol he was thought we dressed up as a horse!  I totally remember the horse incident from above. I’m sure I’ve called him something since then…but not in a serious way, so I can’t remember an exact instance
  35. sung in front of the mirror?  i sing all the time! Yep, all the time. Some things never change
  36. made faces in the mirror? Yea…yep! 
  37. spent more than one hour on your hair? sadly enough..and each time it gets me no where to be honest..not anymore. My hair is short and curly. I wash it, put gel in it and call it a day.
  38. walked or talked in your sleep? talk in your sleep, i talk all the time….(its better than playing with paper at 3 in the morning) im sure the paper at 3 in the am is in reference to something, but don’t ask me what. And Im told I still talk in my sleep.
  39. watched a scary movie and couldn’t sleep all night? Na yep. Janelle and I used to watch scary movies in our apartment and then have to watch Christmas movies to fall asleep too. 
  40. gone caroling? all the time when i was little…u see i live across the street from our church.. I haven’t been caroling since High School
  41. fallen in front of someone you thought to be quite good looking?  i don’t fall in public…Fall in public yes..not because of good-looking people. I fall because I’m trying to text, walk and breathe at the same time.
  42. gone skinny-dipping? um we used to have a bath tub!! Lol I have been skinny dipping. Sorry mom. lol
  43. kissed someone? only family Matthew. Everyday for the last (almost) 10 years
  44. snuck out of the house at night? Yeah…its rather easy…actually no not anymore..im 18 lol I am 30 and own my own house..I don’t have to sneak. Besides the lizzards come out at night. I dont like lizzards. I prefer the indoors. 
  45. laughed so hard you just spit out what you had in your mouth? i love to laugh….so naturally Yep! I love to laugh and make others laugh. This is a side effect.
  46. kept a new year’s resolution?  never make them Yes!
  47. dyed your hair? once…it lasted 2 weeks I have lost count of the number of times that I have died my hair..
  48. thought about killing yourself? never…i love life No, life isn’t always easy, but I am precious, and God can restore what is broken and he can change it into something amazing. All you need is faith.
  49. hated yourself? na…i like myself no wait i love myself sure. I’m not perfect
  50. liked someone older than you? yeah…i think…yea Matthew has a full 6 months on me.
  51. liked someone way younger than you? no not really. I don’t believe so
  52. had surgery? No Still no surgery.
  53. talked to strangers? Yea I have worked retail in some capacity over the last 10 years. Talking to strangers is part of the gig. And I write on here, a lot of you are strangers! Hello there.
  54. ran away from home? once, i got the key and hid in my aunts house for like an hour..then i got hungry and whent home! No, the desire to run away disapates when you realize that even if you don’t live there anymore, the bank still expects the mortgage payment on time.
  55. did the opposite your parents told you to do? NEVER!!! Bahaha im 30 and this is still the first instinct
  56. sang in public?..yeah…i got you babe…hair…and bohemian raphsody..just last night yes, I have sung karaoke a few times.
  57. worn a dress? Yea I actually like wearing dresses!
  58. worn a tie? No yes, I went as a pilot for Halloween one year, I wore a tie
  59. worn a suit? Na Still no suits
  60. gotten in to a physical fight? william/…..i kicked his but! lol  no fights just yet. Maybe this year will be my year…haha
  61. hurt someone emotionally? oh yeah prolyl Yes. I am sure I have L
  62. hurt someone physically? Na No, in a fight or flight situation I chose flight every time
  63. made someone cry? Yea Yes. :/
  64. said you hated someone? my mom i know its mean i know….but she said it to me first  2006 Jennifer and 2018 Jennifer are similar in some respects. :/
  65. talked to yourself? Yea half of my blog posts are nothing but the things I say when no one else is around to hear it. I write them down and type them up for all to read. your welcome, I think. 
  66. driven a car? yea but not nearly enough yes. I hate driving. 2006 Jennifer didn’t know how good she had it.
  67. danced in public? oh yea Yes. I’m not afraid to get down and dance
  68. cheated on a test? yeah im a senior! Not since high school.
  69. did someone else’s homework? no they do mine I haven’t had homework since 2010..no one would want me to do their home work now
  70. let someone act like you on the phone? what? ohhhhhh yea I have no idea why this would be necessary today or back then for that matter.
  71. asked out your crush? No Not since Paul McCartney and Brendan Frasier filed those restraining orders.
  72. Split up a relationship? No Why would I then or now?
  73. rode a roller coaster? no…..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes! Still love a good ol rollercoaster
  74. chickened out on a roller coaster? not yet NEVER!
  75. went to a concert? YEAH!!!!! cornerstone 7 years in a row I have been to severalll concerts since then
  76. went to the beach? no…its my dream…that and riding on a plane…lame i know Oh just wait 2006 Jennifer. 2018 Jennifer lives 3.5 hours from the Gulf and has traveled to the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Gulf in Texas and in Florida. You will travel the beaches of Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Belize, Honduras and Mexico. As for the riding on a plane by 2018 you will have taken off and landed over 62 times on commercial flights at various airports..oh and you Marry a Pilot.
  77. been to an ocean? no thats my goal see above answer.
  78. said you loved someone when you really didn’t?  no no, I have only said it to one person, and I have meant it since day one
  79. been toilet papering? No Yes, Senior year right before or maybe after graduation we TP’ed a teachers house. It was all in fun, teacher had all the other teachers at his house for end of school gathering. It was a fun time, and the teachers got a kick out of it.
  80. told a secret you swore not to tell? Yea Yes.
  81. broken any bones? (if so, which ones?) my thumb Still only my thumb
  82. tried to impress your crush and ended up embarrassing yourself? alll the time! When I was trying to get my husbands attention right before we started dating, I made him cookies and tried to get him to eat them. He kept saying no..and I wouldn’t stop until he said yes
  83. eat bugs purposely? No still a hard no on that.
  84. commit a crime? No Only of the fashion variety
  85. change clothes in front of an open window? yea, i got old folks neighbors……they don’t care old folks neighbors? What was wrong with me?! I don’t change in front of open windows. And to be honest, I shouldn’t have then either..neighbors may not of cared, but my room still faced the street and the church?!
  86. sing a harmonized duet in front of 500 strangers? if the people know ahead of time  that i can’t sing I still can’t sing..that hasn’t changed. 
  87. tell someone that you liked them if they were much older than you? no they have to come to me Matthew is Six months older than me. I tell him everyday I like him
  88. jump out of a plane?  No Sure. If I could do it tandem and I fit the weight requirement
  89. kiss your best guy friend? Yea Yes, my husband Is my best guy friend
  90. go bungee jumping? i want to that would be awesome I would if I fit the weight requirement
  91. stay in your room for a whole day? today! I have. I have done a few days without leaving. Not proud of it, but im not perfect and those demons are real.
  92. go in the snow without clothes?  um…NO ive taken the trash out barefoot in snow before.
  93. skinny dip?  lol…see above I have in the past, dont for see myself doing it again.
  94. drink salt water? No only by accident
  95. take a job even if it meant you’d be away from your guy? what guy I’m married and my husband and I are a team. I could never leave him unless it was necessary for our family.
  96. play 10 bowling games in one night? No no, bowling is expensive.
  97. gamble? sure…but not much I’ve been to casinos, gambling isn’t for me.
  98. have a make-out party? um no if by make out party you mean, me a big bowl of cereal and a Netflix binge then yes..all the time
  99. go to a foreign country? No I have been to 5 different countries
  100. fly a plane? that would friggin awesome I’m married to a pilot. So yes

So there you have it, 100 pointless questions that both imature and mature (I think) Jennifer have answered. Did you make it through this whole blog post? If you did, kudos. Leave me a comment below answering any of these 100 questions about yourself! If you are reading this and you have your own blog site, I challenge you to fill this out and post it there (let me know of course!). Maybe 12 years from now you will stumble upon it again and see how much you have or havent changed!



what goes through my mind before bed each night…

…..Just because my body has stopped moving a mile a minute doesn’t mean my mind has..here is a pretty accurate sequence of events each night in the Shidler house hold…No I am not kidding and yes, my husband does hate me Winking smile

9:30 PM-What did I eat today that will come back to haunt me at 3 am. When did I become old enough that eating pizza after 10pm would be a bad idea? When did I become old enough to say the statement “when did I become old enough?” …Better get the tums out just in case.

9:33 PM-Why can’t my pillows and blankets be as soft, cool and inviting as they were when my alarm went off this morning?

9:35 PM-Alarm! Crap!! Did I set it? I have to be at work at 9..I showered this afternoon and did absolutely nothing after that so I should be good to go in that department… If I get up now and lay my work clothes out for tomorrow, that will give me an extra 30 minutes to sleep. 8 am it is.

9:36 PM- Ugh..I really don’t want to get up to lay my clothes out. Why haven’t I trained the cats to do tricks/chores yet?

9:38 PM- How come Mosby always chooses to sleep above Matthews head? I bet it is because he feeds them in the morning, I tend to keep the people that feed me close by. Maybe I should start feeding them in the am so he will snuggle with me at night. I guess I can set my alarm for 7:30 so I can start doing that……but then again….Mosby is fluffy and I am already hot at night anyways. Matthew can get up and feed him. Let me put the alarm back to 8.

9:40 PM-  Speaking of hot at night, it is hot and muggy in here..if I could just get my foot out from under this blanket and the fan pointed just on my face I should be good.

9:43 PM- I’m thirsty..but I just got comfortable…is that Matthew snoring or Mosby? I think it’s Mosby..”hey Matt.are u asleep? ..Matt? MATT!” “can I have a glass of milk please?” ‘I think I’m about to have heart burn.

9:44 PM- “Ohhhh while your up, can you grab my jeans and work shirt out of the dryer and put them on the dresser?”

9:45 PM-“Also, can you turn the air down its stuffy in here!”

9:50 PM-Aww! I love milk! Dang it..I forgot to ask for a straw..I can make do!

9:55 PM-I haven’t checked Facebook, Twitter, my email or buzz feed in like 5 minutes, I better make sure I haven’t missed anything important before I go to bed.

9:57 PM-I want to lay on my stomach but this iphone is to big to operate with just one hand free. I guess I’ll roll over. If I move to much though, Lucy will wake up. She just stopped barking and jumping around so I must do this gently.

9:58 PM- While I’m at it, let me switch out pillows. Also It’s getting really cold in here now! Is this what menopause will be like. Oh my gosh…am I in menopause?…oh stop it Jennifer your 28.. just turn the fan off and pull your foot in the blanket and you wont be as cold.

10:03 PM-What was that noise?! I’m pretty sure rowdy just knocked something over in the living room, but what if it wasn’t? What if it was someone trying to break in and they made noise thinking we would think it was the cats and the noise was all part of the plan to throw us off so they can steal all of our stuff? I should definitely wake Matthew up..”Matt…matt..MATTHEW..I heard a noise and I don’t think it was the cat. Can you go check?”

10:10 PM-What did you say Matt? Rowdy just knocked over his food dish? I could have swore it was louder than that. I’m sorry I got you up! Come back to bed.

10:11 PM- “Hey, before you go back to sleep, can you turn the air up? “It’s kind of cold in here!”

10:12 PM- “Also, can you grab me a straw for my milk? Thank you!”


Hypothetically Speaking..16 Questions to Make you Think ‘Critically’

I’ll be the first, second and third person to admit it, critical thinking has never really been my “thing’, but I was recently challenged by a fellow blogger to answer a series of 100 questions designed to make any person dig deeper into their mind and soul. Now don’t worry my short attention span readers, I will only post 16 question and answers at a time, so breathe a sigh of relief!


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Exact quote from a customer “for someone who doesn’t pluck their eyebrows…they are pretty even and natural..” Why thank you Ma’am, I quite enjoy your facial hair too! (Quite certain they worked for Hallmark.)

eye brows

ϟ What’s one thing you’re deeply proud of — but would never put on your résumé?

I can pick up pretty much anything from change to clothing items with my toes, and then I can toss it in the air and catch it with my hands! Pretty sure if this was an Olympic sport I could be a Gold Medal champion #prehensiletoes

ϟ What’s the most out-of-character choice you’ve ever made?


My sophomore year of college I got my nose pierced, up left upper ear cartilage pierced and my right foot tattooed. The tattoo is the only thing that remains to this day.

ϟ If a mysterious benefactor wrote you a check for $5,000 and said, “Help me solve a problem — any problem!” … what would you do with him or her?

I would help them with the problem of my checking account not having an extra $5,000, then deposit said check, go buy some more cat food an extra gallon of milk write a quick Facebook status about it, and call it a day. Oh and World Peace.

ϟ What’s going to be carved on your (hypothetical) tombstone?tombstone

“Jennifer Lynne Shidler 11/05/1987-01/01/2079

Here lies Jennifer, daughter, sister, wife and terrible scpelller”

ϟ What are you FREAKISHLY good at?

This is a long but glorious list..1. As mentioned before, I can pick things up with my toes 2. Professional cat/bird wrangler (read my bird wrangler activities HERE) 3. Dressed and ready to go in 10 minutes if absolutely need be. 4. The ability to sleep in until noon and STILL feel like I barely got any sleep. 5. Best ‘singing in the shower’ Cher impression this side of the Mississippi

ϟ What’s one dream that you’ve tucked away, for the moment? How come?

Voice lessons..im pretty much tone deaf and would love to learn not to be…I have ‘tucked’ it away for now because I have yet to find the vocal coach who can endure all that I have to ‘offer’

ϟ What are you STARVING for?

I am starving for attention. Doesn’t this blog reek of that?! 😉 Other than that..I could realllly go for some TOKYO from Terre Haute Indiana!

ϟ If you could have tea with one fictional character, who would it be?

Harry-Potter-UK-Tea-Shops--2451After confirming fictional means fake or not real, I wouldn’t mind grabbing a spot of tea with one Mr. Harry Potter J

ϟ Do you have a morning ritual?

Hit alarm exactly 3 times, throw covers off of me wildly, bonus points if I launch my cat across the bed, scream..”I don’t want to go to work” get ready in 20 minutes and leave without grabbing my lunch

ϟ Do you believe in magic? When have you felt it?

carnival_magicIf by magic, you mean the Carnival Magic, a large cruise liner positively brimming with fun and magic..then yes..I believe in magic!

ϟ What’s your personal anthem or theme song?

I really like Beautiful by the great Carole King. Listen to the song HERE. You will not be disappointed!

“You’ve got to get up every morning
With a smile on your face
And show the world
All the love in your heart

Then people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel”

ϟ Do you ever think you could live a life without Facebook?

People have lived in a world without electricity, cars and toilet paper…but now that we have seen the error of our ways…would you go back to a pre-toliet paper world?! Didn’t think soo…but in all seriousness..no, no I couldn’t. seriously. :/

ϟ What’s your definition of an ideal houseguest?

One that doesn’t mind that I cannot cook, I work weird hours, and that my cats will do everything in their power to get into whatever room you are in that has the door closed, just to watch you sleep and or shower. My cats do not know how to love you from afar…

ϟ If you had an extra $100 to spend on yourself every week, what would you do?

As lazy and terrible as it sounds I would totally hire a cleaning company to come in once a week to freshen up my house. Anything to keep up with my two fur ball cats that produce more cat hair per capita than apple produces iPhone’s in a year.

ϟ If you could sit down with your 15-year old self, what would you tell him or her? Me at 15 years old! PUT THE BURGER AND POP DOWN AND GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY…oh and there is this guy named Matthew Shidler…he lives just south of Terre Haute..you are going to meet him your freshman year of college (that’s right..your going to college)..pay more attention to him because when you meet him again your junior year of college, he is going to change your life! 🙂

Someone challenged me, now I am challenging you! How would you answer some of the worlds toughest questions?! If you write a blog, link back to me if you post this..or answer some of your favorite questions in the comment section below!