A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two…In The Dryer….

What better way to return from a blogging hiatus (sorry guys)  than with a touching tale of a woman, her two cats, and un-wanted house guest residing in her dryer. Let me start from the beginning I was told when we first bought our home, that part of the ‘fun’ of owning your own placeContinue reading “A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two…In The Dryer….”

Putting the Puzzle Together

The following is something I wrote the summer of 2009 as I worked a 12am – 7 am shift in the computer lab at Indiana State University. Matthew and I would have been dating for about 10 months and this note is looking at the years 2006-2009. I found this today as I was cleaningContinue reading “Putting the Puzzle Together”