Hypothetically Speaking..16 Questions to Make you Think ‘Critically’

I’ll be the first, second and third person to admit it, critical thinking has never really been my “thing’, but I was recently challenged by a fellow blogger to answer a series of 100 questions designed to make any person dig deeper into their mind and soul. Now don’t worry my short attention span readers, I will only post 16 question and answers at a time, so breathe a sigh of relief!


What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Exact quote from a customer “for someone who doesn’t pluck their eyebrows…they are pretty even and natural..” Why thank you Ma’am, I quite enjoy your facial hair too! (Quite certain they worked for Hallmark.)

eye brows

ϟ What’s one thing you’re deeply proud of — but would never put on your résumé?

I can pick up pretty much anything from change to clothing items with my toes, and then I can toss it in the air and catch it with my hands! Pretty sure if this was an Olympic sport I could be a Gold Medal champion #prehensiletoes

ϟ What’s the most out-of-character choice you’ve ever made?


My sophomore year of college I got my nose pierced, up left upper ear cartilage pierced and my right foot tattooed. The tattoo is the only thing that remains to this day.

ϟ If a mysterious benefactor wrote you a check for $5,000 and said, “Help me solve a problem — any problem!” … what would you do with him or her?

I would help them with the problem of my checking account not having an extra $5,000, then deposit said check, go buy some more cat food an extra gallon of milk write a quick Facebook status about it, and call it a day. Oh and World Peace.

ϟ What’s going to be carved on your (hypothetical) tombstone?tombstone

“Jennifer Lynne Shidler 11/05/1987-01/01/2079

Here lies Jennifer, daughter, sister, wife and terrible scpelller”

ϟ What are you FREAKISHLY good at?

This is a long but glorious list..1. As mentioned before, I can pick things up with my toes 2. Professional cat/bird wrangler (read my bird wrangler activities HERE) 3. Dressed and ready to go in 10 minutes if absolutely need be. 4. The ability to sleep in until noon and STILL feel like I barely got any sleep. 5. Best ‘singing in the shower’ Cher impression this side of the Mississippi

ϟ What’s one dream that you’ve tucked away, for the moment? How come?

Voice lessons..im pretty much tone deaf and would love to learn not to be…I have ‘tucked’ it away for now because I have yet to find the vocal coach who can endure all that I have to ‘offer’

ϟ What are you STARVING for?

I am starving for attention. Doesn’t this blog reek of that?! 😉 Other than that..I could realllly go for some TOKYO from Terre Haute Indiana!

ϟ If you could have tea with one fictional character, who would it be?

Harry-Potter-UK-Tea-Shops--2451After confirming fictional means fake or not real, I wouldn’t mind grabbing a spot of tea with one Mr. Harry Potter J

ϟ Do you have a morning ritual?

Hit alarm exactly 3 times, throw covers off of me wildly, bonus points if I launch my cat across the bed, scream..”I don’t want to go to work” get ready in 20 minutes and leave without grabbing my lunch

ϟ Do you believe in magic? When have you felt it?

carnival_magicIf by magic, you mean the Carnival Magic, a large cruise liner positively brimming with fun and magic..then yes..I believe in magic!

ϟ What’s your personal anthem or theme song?

I really like Beautiful by the great Carole King. Listen to the song HERE. You will not be disappointed!

“You’ve got to get up every morning
With a smile on your face
And show the world
All the love in your heart

Then people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel”

ϟ Do you ever think you could live a life without Facebook?

People have lived in a world without electricity, cars and toilet paper…but now that we have seen the error of our ways…would you go back to a pre-toliet paper world?! Didn’t think soo…but in all seriousness..no, no I couldn’t. seriously. :/

ϟ What’s your definition of an ideal houseguest?

One that doesn’t mind that I cannot cook, I work weird hours, and that my cats will do everything in their power to get into whatever room you are in that has the door closed, just to watch you sleep and or shower. My cats do not know how to love you from afar…

ϟ If you had an extra $100 to spend on yourself every week, what would you do?

As lazy and terrible as it sounds I would totally hire a cleaning company to come in once a week to freshen up my house. Anything to keep up with my two fur ball cats that produce more cat hair per capita than apple produces iPhone’s in a year.

ϟ If you could sit down with your 15-year old self, what would you tell him or her? Me at 15 years old! PUT THE BURGER AND POP DOWN AND GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY…oh and there is this guy named Matthew Shidler…he lives just south of Terre Haute..you are going to meet him your freshman year of college (that’s right..your going to college)..pay more attention to him because when you meet him again your junior year of college, he is going to change your life! 🙂

Someone challenged me, now I am challenging you! How would you answer some of the worlds toughest questions?! If you write a blog, link back to me if you post this..or answer some of your favorite questions in the comment section below!


I’m Back!

Summer break is over, and my writing hiatus has ended! A lot has happened since my last post (hence the writing break) So I will need to catch you up in a pinch. What better way to do this than with an epic “list” post covering everything some stuff I’ve learned or experienced in the last few months.

  1. My instructions I left you in my last post about how to pick a winning NCAA bracket (read it HERE) are apparently not accurate. If anyone lost any money on using my “sure fire” method…sorry everyone!
  2. Buying a house is a stressful situation but in the end is totally worth it! Love having a HOME to come to after a hard day of work versus an apartment that has the haunting stench of the former renter’s pets.Home Sweet Home!
  3. Pets, even the ones you love dearly, become slightly less loveable when they all the sudden rack up a 500 vet bills and permanently require cat food that costs 50$ for 20lbs. But then they look at you like this…and it’s all better! 
  4. Cannon ball jumping into a 4ft pool when you are 26, slightly fluffy and on a vacation that requires a lot of walking is a bad idea…unless you want to spend the rest of your vacation with elevated feet in a hotel room with nothing but TELEMUNDO! Just ask my husband 😉
  5. I have beaten my record of consecutive number of days without chewing on my finger nails from 1 day to 2 weeks. Watch out world!
  6. Did you know that if you spray furniture polish on stained concrete floors you can instantly create an Ice rink fun for any man woman or four legged creature already struggling with friction problems.grave mix up in the kitchen...
  7. I have recently come to grips with the fact that I may never be able to “twerk” and am completely ok with that revelation. (so is half of America that is gifted with the sense of sight).
  8. Twinkies are back in stock, therefore I am stereotypically complete again!130712113828-walmart-twinkies-620xa
  9. My brave husband is teaching me how to shoot gun, believe it or not, I managed to hit the target, just above the right shoulder (not a kill shot). He is convinced I will get better with time and practice. I am convinced I will get better with time, practice and a pretty pink gun with an engraved rose or maybe a cat on the grip.17746_10100419870513244_1077010215_n
  10. Upon my request, my husband recently paid a mariachi band 10$ to serenade me at a river walk restaurant in down town San Antonio, furthermore, this was the best 10$ I have EVER spent! (Please excuse the fat arm, I was trying to discretely record this epic experience.)  

..::How NOT To Build A NCAA Bracket::..

Its March. The sun is proving to be a bit warmer and the post super bowl winter induced comas are lifting as we quickly shuffle into the next time consuming sports tournament, the NCAA college basketball tourney…AKA MARCH MADNESS!! Now, what kind of Hoosier would I be if I didn’t have at least have one post about this basket ball event? From what I’ve been told and observed the last 25 years, is that basketball is a pretty big deal in Indiana. For my Texas readers, you know how football is a big deal here? Yep, that’s what basketball is in Indiana. Still not convinced, then either Google the term ‘Hoosier Hysteria’ or rent the movie “Hoosiers” and learn.

   With all that being said, the tournament is only a few days away so to the brackets we must go! I have created my own bracket every year since Mr. Millikan’s 5th grade class(eek that’s been like 15 years) and I have successfully made thse predictions on my own. Let me clarify: By ‘successfully’ I in no way mean that I won ANY of these predictions, I simply mean that I didn’t leave any blank spots (go me!) I didn’t pick teams that were not included in the tournament and I, or someone else, kept track of the progress. I stand by my belief that my reason for not winning the last 15 years, was not because I didn’t possess the knowledge to correctly pick the team, but it was because I was going about it all the wrong way. So I am here to say that 2013 IS MY YEAR!!! I’m all in it to win it! What’s on the line, you ask? My reputation as the worst basketball manager that the Turkey Run Jr.Sr. Girls varsity basketball team has ever had. (no seriously..I was terrible…..).

I used ESPN to create my bracket. When you log in they give you the opportunity to educate yourself with 68 facts ‘before’ you  start picking your teams. These facts went something like this “ number 2 teams only have reached the big game 1 out of 10 times’…something like that. 68 of them!! Who has time for that? Not me. So I came up with a more manageable list that is sure take me and my bracket all the way to the end!

To start you need to pull up the full bracket with the first parings and use the next few tips to weed out the schools to you are down to the ultimate winner (Should look something like this at the beginning):


1.) Whenever you come across a pairing that has a sate that you either lived in or a state that you have close ties with, they automatically advance.

** If two teams fit this qualification, pick the one that you may already be paying student loans . If this is not applicable (lucky) then you need to select the team that has the more flatting uniform color choice or has the best mascot. (you can choose which of those two)

2.) Eliminate any schools that hold bad memories that may one day cause therapy. For example: “My 8th grade boyfriend had a cousin who once stole my SpongeBob towel at the 9th grade summer pool party and never gave it back. I hear that she is studying physics at Michigan State University now…” using this equation…Michigan State University would be OUT!

3.) If you have NEVER in your life heard of a school in the pairing **cough cough IONA University cough cough** (2 points for a reader if they can explain to me where the heck this college is and why in 25 years I have never heard of it…) ..then its bye bye bracket.

**Unless the school has a fun name to say. For example..”Gonzaga..Gonzaga..Gonzaga” no idea where this school is located but oh how cool would it be to have a diploma that said BS of Gonzaga.

**Word associations always work too. Never heard of Belmont university but it makes me think of the EL train in Chicago, or Davidson university, which is obviously where all Harleys go to get an education.

4. Schools that are usually well known for other things other than sports should get at least one advancement in the bracket rounds. For example, I noticed Harvard was listed. Can’t say I’ve heard of anyone getting a four year scholarship to Harvard to play ball, but hey,  what do I know. 2 points and a bracket advance for being well rounded!  no pun intended.

As we start getting down to the nitty gritty, we need to start focusing on more important matters and facts to make sure our bracket is clear and thought out. Which why number 5 is important. This is where it gets real folks. 

5.) Which teams have the better mascot? If the school does not have have a mascot (which really should be an automatic loss in my opinion) look at the school spirit section. Are they well coordinated, do they have at least one student (or more) covered from head to toe in war paint? Is the pep band playing the Harlem shake, or a medley of who let the dogs out and the thong song (yikes)?

6.) Color coordination. In an ideal world where time is not an issue, I would look at the starters of each of the remaining teams in my bracket and cross reference their eye and hair color with that of their uniforms and enter them into an excel database that will then graph the statistical probability of being the most eye pleasing on a championship poster. Basically what we are looking for here people, is the team who “pops” the most.

7.)When you get down to the last few teams you need to think proximity. Which team are you most likely be able to visit in the even of a totally awesome championship parade? For example, you live in Texas (YEEEHAWW) and the schools in the final four are in California, Florida, Arkansas and Michigan. If the team from Arkansas were to win, you would have a better shot to reap the benefits from their win then you would from a team in Michigan.

8.) You’ve made it to the end, and now there are two teams left. Who do you pick? Up until this point, I have asked you to call upon the cold hard facts and scientific calculations to make all of your decisions (this gibberish is scientific..I swear). It is at this point that these equations wont help you. This last pick between the final two needs to come from your gut. Good luck..you got this!


Bam! I just did in 8 steps what ESPN felt needed 62. Who did you put at the top of your bracket?! Comment back and let me know 🙂 I am so excited to see how these predictions I made pan out. Here is how I see this years tournament based on my equations above. Enjoy!! 🙂 GO HOOSIERS!



**Disclaimer: I, Jennifer Shidler, am in no way responsible for any money you the reader may loose by using my bracket selection method. I know absolutely nothing about basketball and am quite certain that if you listen to my advice you deserved to loose…that is all..Good Luck 🙂 lol

So Ya Want To Push My Buttons, eh?… “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That…”


what really gridns my gears After watching an episode of Family Guy with Peter Griffin on the news with his “What really grinds my gears..” bit, I thought that since I had already wrote a blog on what I was thankful for (read it HERE) that I should write one talking about the opposite, you know, the every day, mundane things that seem to get to us the most.  Since most of my readers know me on a personal basis..take notes..this could come in handy some day..just saying..

1.) Laundry…why are you so needy..my two cats require less attention than you do.hang nail

2. Hang Nails..you are not welcome..go home no one invited you. (ps..do not google hang nails..you wont like what you see.)

3. The crusty crust and residual liquid found on/around ketchup and mustard bottles. You can stand to learn something from the other members of the condiment family, like mayo for example. They have their act together. What’s your excuse?

bra 4. Bra straps, wires, and hooks. A unfortunate necessary evil literally designed to help AND paralyze the person who has to wear it…all day…every day…you five year olds have no idea how easy you have it.

5. My husbands stuffed pig, aka, “Boris T. Rockefeller III” that he shot while on a hunting trip with a good friend. Doesn’t Matthew know that if our life was really a Stephen King novel, Boris would indeed be the villain/killer and we are just sitting ducks in this apartment/crime scene awaiting Boris’s evil plans to come to a head. (yea..I’m not paranoid or anything..)

6.Stubborn Pimples that appear on a face that usually pimple free (yep..not that I’m bragging about that or anything ) and refuse to leave or surrender.

7. Opening up a full mailbox, heading back to the apartment with an anxious feeling of “ohh what did I get!!” going through it all..and see nothing but bills and coupons for a restaurant that has had laundrymore health code violations then hair on my head..

8. As an appendix to the first item on this list, laundry that appears dry when you go to take it out of the dryer, that is until you’ve exhausted all effort removing said laundry from the drum only to find that in fact 65-95% of it is still sopping wet. See, I told you it was needy. 

9. Articles of clothing that you haven’t worn in years,go to put in the goodwill pile where it will sit for two days untouched..that is until sentimental feelings rear their ugly head..then its back on the hanger it goes..(maybe next spring..but no..probably not)

apple vs android 10. Applications that you download bc you think you will love them, keep them on your phone for a month, then you decide you need to make life easier with less clutter and chaos so you delete said un-used application only to find yourself needing it just two hours later. Well played neglected app. Well played.

11. Expensive pens that make your hand writing look like that of a calligraphy god, that is until said pen is stolen and replaced with a 10 cent bic pen that is missing its cap. Goodbye beautiful penmanship, hello 3rd grade serial killer writing. handwriting

12. Shoes, socks and underwear that refuse to last more than 5 years..if my cat can live past the age of one..so should you.

Ok readers, I’ve shared what pushes my buttons…now tell me..what pushes yours?