The Ants Go Marching 1 by 1, Hurrah! Hurrah!

We did it! Matthew and I have been wanting to start our own business for a while, but we couldn’t decide what direction to go in. Luckily for us, a lucrative business opportunity presented itself and we just couldn’t turn it down.


I know what you are thinking. “This is so sudden Jennifer, how did this happen?” Basically, our house had come under attack. Due to the drought in our area, ants, who generally live their lives outside, came inside in an attempt to find water. They seemed to really enjoy our spacious sink and views out our kitchen window. We spent days battling the pests, guests with no real success. It wasn’t until I saw an ant taking a refreshing dip in a measuring cup, that I realized they were just trying to escape the pressures and realities of life. (same here, ants, same here).


So, might I formally introduce to you Château Shidler, Central Texas’s premier luxury ant resort!






You are Welcome Here!

Tired of being turned away from every home you visit? Look no further! Chateau Shidler is a rustic 21st century home, which offers a mix of quaint and second-hand furnishings within. We are centrally located on a busy street with over 10 garbage cans for you to explore. Newly renovated hotels complete with 10 doors is guaranteed to fit you and 100 of your closest friends.

Sit Back and Relax

The Spa is set around a man-made, stainless steel pool with custom sponge floats. Looking for a more intement experience? Visit our candle lit serenity deck and lounge next to our cozy vinegar infinity pool.

Looking For More Of an “Active Retreat”

You are invited to climb one of our many scenic trails that take you down our custom stone back splash and over the majestic Keurig ridge to coffee mountain. For the thrill seekers, take the self-guided excursion up our 8-ft cabinet wall before diving down the island light fixture.

We Offer an Extensive Menu Guaranteed To Fit Every Taste:

  • Blue Buffalo Kibble (lamb and beef flavor)
  • Meow Mix (chicken flavor)
  • French Fries
  • Toast Crumbs
  • Pasta Sauce (Aged to perfection in our finest pans)
  • Hunter/Gatherer Packages available (Upon Request)


Thirsty? We Have A Wide Selection of Drinks

  • Vinegar Water
  • Droplets of Orange Juice
  • Stale Coffee
  • Milk (for an extra cost)
  • Raid

Resavations not required but prefered. 2 night minimum stay in our newly renovated hotel required for weekend and holiday guests. Earn bonus towards your next stay for referring us to your friends! Other places say if “You can check in, but you won’t check out” well, we will let you leave, if you take your friends with you.


Car Shopping {ish} With Jennifer

My husband recently had a run in with a concrete barrier in Austin (thankfully, he wasn’t hurt) and needless to say we’ve found ourselves in the market for a new vehicle. Yay, debt. The universe knew that our car note was almost paid off and thought, “Not today young savers, not today.”


The car buying process is never fun, but Matthew and I have completely different visions of what an acceptable vehicle should be. So naturally we had a blast. The process took a year month.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 9.54.00 PM

Matthew wants a beefy looking vehicle that stands tall and proud. I would prefer my car not to have a stronger self-confidence than me. He wants tires that look rough and tough and I want tires that won’t cost more than my mortgage.

I took to Facebook earlier this week hoping to find some insight on what car we should bring home. I was certain the world was on my side. I. Was. Wrong.


While it was saddening to see I was alone in my car choices, except for the Delorean (no shocker there) I pulled myself together and compiled a list of car buying factors everyone should follow.


The vehicle can’t be so tall that I have to perform calisthenics to get in. In the same respect it can’t be so short that I sound like a slowly deflating balloon getting in and out of it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 8.25.55 PM


When you get into a pre-owned car for a test drive, make sure to turn the radio on. A good indication of the cars’ “vibe” is the last station the previous owners listened to. If I turn the car on and hear Fleetwood Mac, I know I’m at home in this car. We already have a bond. If country music were to play, well, it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but the salesman’s job just got a lot harder.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.32.04 PM

The Peace Keepers

No one wants to argue on a road trip. So, the cup holder to people ratio must be greater than 200%. Also, the arm rests must be clearly designated and ample in surface area. Finally, the charging options. My life is run by an elite team of overpriced electronics. If one of them dies, people could suffer (primarily my husband).



The term “age gracefully” is usually associated with people, (I’m looking at you Meryl) but I need this to apply to car as well. I live in Texas, otherwise known as God’s easy bake oven. My garage is part recreation area and storage locker, so parking in the elements is the only option. Eventually she will fade as time passes, and since I don’t believe can’t afford plastic surgery, she needs be more of a Meryl and less of a Meg Ryan.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.26.24 PM

Storage Capacity

I have a knack for finding useless items and bringing it home. I need to know that if I come across a good deal on a canoe or an ostrich that I can bring them home without phoning a friend. By the way, if you have a friend that will help you transport an ostrich, you have won the lottery. Good friends help you move a dead body. Best friends help you move large exotic birds without asking questions.


This one is short and simple, I make it a goal of hitting no less than 3 curbs a week (4 if I didn’t hit my quota the month before) I need to know that this new car can handle what I can hit.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.27.12 PM

There you have it, 5 overlooked features to look at when you purchase your next vehicle. Also, a big thank you to the team at Don Ringler in Temple, Texas for helping us find a vehicle! She may not be brand new, but she has low miles (only 50,000) and can be paid off in a year! #nodebt

It only had 1 owner and 50,000 miles…works for me!

Getting Old {ish} With Jennifer

You’ve heard of having a mid-life crisis, right? Well, I like to have a midnight crisis. My thought process at night when I should be sleeping but can’t is reminiscent of a hyper active squirrel struggling to bury all his nuts just days before hibernation. (googles to see if squirrels actually hibernate…they don’t). I am anxious, disorganized, and frantic.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 7.39.12 PM
it appears squirrels and I have more in common than I thought

Lately we have been binge watching Comedians in Cars Drinking Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld as well as NBC’s Seinfeld. 3am rolled around rather quickly and I decided that I needed to go to sleep, so I turned the tv off in an effort to fall asleep. That didn’t work, so instead I took a stroll through IMDB for interesting facts on Jerry himself and the show (I live for IMDB trivia, it is my most used app after Facebook).

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.31.04 AM

That was when I saw it. At the time of the pilot of NBC’s Seinfeld, the character of Elaine is written to be the age of 27. 27 years old. This led me down the Wikipedia rabbit hole. Next thing I know I was the head of my own make believe census and was researching the ages of all my favorite characters during their debut on their respective shows. For instance, the cast of Friends are written to be in their mid 20’s when the show begins. Will & Grace, 30 years old. I’m 30, that can’t be right.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.34.58 AM

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Who cares how old a fictional character is on a show that’s been off the air for 20 years?” Well, I do. You see, I grew up watching these shows and in my mind, those characters will always be “older” than me. They are real adults and I’m still a young adult, an imposter if you will, waiting to have my training wheels taken off.  They are a moving goal. No matter how old I get, I will never catch up to them. In reality, I kinda have. At season 1 episode 1 of any of these shows, I am supposed to be in the same stage of life as them. Yikes.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.51.12 AM
Teach your adult to be an adultier adult in 5 days!


It seems so surreal to me. I don’t seem nearly as responsible as these people. (George Costanza, Joey Tribbiani are not included in this equation for obvious reason) I mean, if I was in a room with a bunch of people and something were to happen that an adult is needed, I don’t think I would raise my hand to volunteer right away. Not that I wouldn’t want to help, but because my first instinct would be to find a more adultier adult. It’s like when you fly and the flight attendants show you how to find the exits and remind you that sometimes the closest exit is behind you. Well, I would look around for an adultier adult forgetting that in some instances, the adultiest adult could be me. Lord help us all!

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.37.46 AM

Cinema {ish} With Jennifer: Ben-Hur

AFI Ben Hur

AFI # 100: Ben-Hur 1959

I will begin each review with a “What I know, or What I Think I Know…” intro. These intros were all compiled before I set out on this journey, and can be read in their entirety (HERE). Let us begin with # 100 Ben-Hur.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.31.46 AM

What I know or what I think I know

  1. There are chariot races.
  2. This features Charlton Heston (what kind of name is Charlton?)
  3. This is a long movie, it required 2 VHS tapes to watch and we all know what that means.
  4. I know that this movie has some sort of cultural significance to a town about 25 minutes from where I grew up. Crawfordsville, Indiana.

My Guesses

This movie is about Roman gladiators, and the main character is a slave/prisoner and is trying to win his freedom by racing chariots.

The Real Review

“Jewish prince is betrayed by friend and faulty roof tile. Prince turned prisoner joins competitive rowing team only to be adopted by his wealthy boss after winning a close game of battle ship. Prince comes back with new-found fame and title and kills backstabbing “friend” in a chariot race (unknown tile man remains at large). Mysterious water boy comes and goes through out the story but graciously saves the life of the Prince, his family and every person who accepts him for all eternity. (John 3:16)”

Ok, this isn’t exactly what happened in Ben-Hur, but I tell you what, if MGM had put that synopsis on the back of the box, chances are I would have attempted to watch this a lot sooner! The point is, I made it! The movie was 3 ½ hours long ( I swear 40 mins of it was overture, credits and intermission) but I watched all of it. (turning on closed caption helped me keep focus, #adhdprotip)

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.34.47 AM

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.35.09 AM
30 mins of my life I will never get back

This movie was not what I expected at all. I mean, I got the little things right, there was a chariot race, and while Ben-Hur was at one time a prince, he was also made to be a prisoner and a slave. But for a film from 1959, I was impressedat how real the boat scene and chariot races appeared. I consulted my old friend IMDB and read through the trivia section (read it here) and saw that MGM paid 15 million for this movie, a gamble for this time, but they earned over 75 million for their troubles. The chariot scene alone cost 4 million and took 10 weeks to shoot. I can see why they won 11 Oscars.

The biggest shock for me was its parallels to the Bible. I had no idea. I know this is a work of fiction and Ben-Hur himself does not appear in the Bible, but from the birth of Jesus to the rise of Pontius Pilate, sermon on the mount to the crucifixion, it’s all there. I had no idea! It was a big box office reminder of the power of God’s Grace and how precious his promise is.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 4.04.13 AM.png

Oh, I mentioned earlier there was a cultural connection close to my home town. Upon further research, the movie is based on a novel: Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ  by Lew Wallace. Wallace was born in Indiana and spent much of his adult and retired life (including death) in Crawfordsville Indiana. Read more about him and his life Here. #themoreyouknow


Are you already a fan of Ben-Hur and want to read my scene by scene reactions while I watched the movie, click HERE to read along. You know you want to!


1 movie down, 99 to go. Next up, Toy Story!





Getting Old {ish} With Jennifer

5 Things 20 something Jennifer could do, that 30 something Jennifer can’t (shouldn’t) do. 

Pizza after 5 pm. College freshman Jennifer would have A 5$ large pizza from Papa John’s delivered to Blumberg hall at 1 am to aid an all night study session (oh hey there freshman 15 50, how you doin’). 30 year old Jennifer needs to clear her schedule the next day as well as stock up on Tums and Prilosec if she plans to eat pizza after sundown. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.35.10 PM
I looked through old Freshman photos not expecting to find any proof…20 Something Jennifer didn’t disappoint.

Paint my own toenails. I used to change my toe nail polish with the change of the wind. Not anymore. And while my flexibility comes into question with each passing year, this is listed because toe nail polish LASTS FOREVER and requires a level of commitment I’m no longer able to give. Even though a few of my Santa themed ‘piggies’ went to market by spring time, most of the pack was holding on by the 4th of July and if not for an intervention by concerned friends and family members, they would have made it Halloween. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.44.11 PM
who doesnt want to rock Christmas Nails on memorial day?!

Midnight Movie Premiers. 20 something Jennifer would drive 30 mins to work, put in 8 hours, drive 30 mins home, change, grab my friends, drive 30 mins back into town, go to a movie that wouldn’t end until 2ish, drive the 30 mins back home, sleep briefly then get up and do it all over again. 30 something Jennifer wouldn’t even go to a 7 o’clock movie unless I have the next two days off afterwards for recovery time.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 3.03.09 PM
even with the lack of sleep, this was a pretty awesome summer!

Souvenir anything. 20 something Jennifer would have a keychain, magnet or shot class (even though she doesn’t drink) from every truck stop on any trip that was outside of the usual distance. 30 something Jennifer now realizes the signs of hoarding and it doesn’t matter how big my kitchen is, cabinet real estate is always tight. Disclaimer: this only applies to the 10 million Hard Rock Cafe, Medival Times, Carnival Cruise and Margaritaville glasses in my cabinet. Not my baseball stadium glasses. Thats not hoarding, that’s just good taste 😉

Just a sample of the collection. 30 more are still in the cabinet. No, its not out of hand at all.

Road trips. 20 something Jennifer had a “let’s just go and get there” mentality. In high school I once rode from Indianapolis to Houston without getting out of the car once and was still able to function once I got there. 30 something Jennifer still prefers to drive straight through but an IV drip of Red Bull and 5 hour energy is now needed and terms like deep vein thrombosis are thrown around. Also, you can forget me being productive for at least 2 days after my arrival.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 3.30.39 PM
18 hours in a car was worth it! Now I only have to drive 4 hours to get here!

Skin Care {ish} With Jennifer

Previously on the {ish} Adventures, I wrote a polite yet firm letter of dissatisfaction to the infamous Sun. (read it HERE) No no, Not this Sun,

Charles Barkley of the Phoenix Suns
Charles Barkley of the Phoenix Suns

Not this one either! (Who could write a letter of dissatisfaction to Sonny Bono?!)

“I Got You (a bottle of 70SPF sunscreen) Babe

I’m talking about the big fire-ball in the sky that makes it impossible to sleep past 9 am without black out curtains and that has been leaving me with 1stand 2nddegree burns over various parts of my body over the last 20 years. That one!

The Sun Hates me
Ghosts of Sunburns Past

“But Jennifer, I thought you were 30, what about those other 10 years?” That is a great question, you see my mom was in control of my life (body included) for at least that many years and she is far more responsible than me, so those 10 years of being sun burn free are all on her! Yay Mom!! (bet you can’t find that sentiment and appreciation in a hallmark card..)


I will say that this week’s sunburn has not been a bad one by my standards. I’ve had worse. Much worse…

Remnants of a Sun burn that lasted 2 months #killme

but this new one was uncomfortable and came at the worst time ever.  (not that there is ever a perfect time for a sunburn) This particular ‘searing’ mostly affected my face and it came 4 days before vacation. A vacation in which I will not only be spending time with my wonderful in-laws that we hardly get to see, but will also be hanging out with several people of my husband’s family that I haven’t met before #familyreunion. THIS is not the Jennifer I want these people to meet.

Hi, name is Jennifer. I enjoy long walks on the beach and using crisco as a sun barrier. Nice to meet you!

In an effort to repair the damage that I and the sun (you didn’t think I was going to take full blame for this, did you?) did to my face, I consulted my primary care physician—AKA Pinterest—and dug up some ways to keep my skin from melting off of my face.

Pinterest hack # 1 Aloe.

IMG_1787 2
Aint no party like an aloe vera party!!

Trying aloe for me is like shutting your phone off when the ear piece stops working. You do it because customer service (and the intetnet) tells you to do it, but you and the service rep both know it’s not going to help and you are probably screwed.  My husband and I learned years ago that this was a two-man job. (seriously, I should have had them write it into our wedding vows) His job is to rub the aloe in and my job is to tell him the following “just do it, get it over with, wait wait wait, I SAID WAIT, that’s cold, that burns, your rubbing too hard, GET AWAY FROM ME.” as you can tell, we make a great team!

So, did it work? I was not impressed. (As usual) I am certain that the aloe only works because the pain you endure putting it on takes your mind of the fact that your skin is melting of your body. On the other hand, If you asked my dog Wrigley, who uses his tongue like ants use feelers (HE LICKS EVERYTHING, sigh.) he enjoyed the minty aloe popsicle on my shoulder and thought it was the best idea EVER.

Pinterest hack # 2 Black tea.


I’ve seen this hack floating around the interwebs for quite some time, but to be honest, until about a year ago I was on a strict diet of Mt. Dew and milk and the chances of finding tea in my house were slim to none. Thankfully my husband and I gave up (for the most part) pop for more water and un-sweet tea so this time around I could give this hack a try. Apparently The natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in black tea work together like the justice league to take away some of the redness and puffiness associated with a sunburn. Sounds right up my alley, question is how do you put tea on your body?

My primary care physician Pinterest suggested actually placing the tea bags directly on the affected area after you have soaked in warm water for a while. Um, tea bags at most are the size of a credit card. There are not enough tea bags in the world to cover the square footage of this burn. (Not without a Costco membership at least). Other articles suggested using wash cloths or even pouring the tea mixture directly on the area. This seems like a better option but will not be any less awkward than layering tea bags all over my body. You see my burn is pretty much face, neck, chest, shoulders and upper thigh. So, however and where ever I do this I’m going to need to be partially naked with the ability to not only layer strips of cloth on me but also pour pitchers worth of  it on me.

Let us have a quick moment of silence for our minds eye for the image I have just placed in your head.  If it helps, you can try to just imagine Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. 

Dramatic recreation of Jennifers tea soaking experience.

I decided to lay in the bathtub to do this. While I wasn’t particularly happy about the ring the tea might leave around my freshly scrubbed white tub, hiding in the bathroom meant I could lock Wrigley out, who, as I sated earlier loves to lick and is fond of tea. (counterproductive and just plain yuck) Because the part I am most concerned about is my face I took a clever approach and cut up an old pair of leggings, soaked them in the tea mixture and then placed them around my head like bandanas. (now that I think of it…a bandana would have been easier. sigh)

Don’t be surprised if you see this fashion statement at Coachella next year…

I then took an old t-shirt, or should I say TEA-Shirt, soaked the top half of it in the tea mixture and wore it proudly like the winner of a redneck wet t-shirt contest! Somehow i managed to miss capturing this special moment on camera..your welcome.

 So, did it work? Surprisingly, it did. My shoulders in particular were no longer red and puffy and Lord help me, I looked like I had a tan. UPDATE EDIT: upon further review and shower…the “tan” was nothing more than a tea stain that rinsed away with the shower. Sigh. Forehead and cheeks were better, but were still a little red and while not puffy, swollen, I had lost all ability to show any emotion from the eyes up.

Pinterest hack # 3 Menthol shaving cream.

Paid actor dramatization.

Now, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I don’t own shaving cream. Shaving cream tends to be messy and in the end I always thought water from the shower worked just fine.  I mean, look at the cave men and women for example, they didn’t have shaving cream and they got along just fine! (ok, so maybe I shouldnt compare my grooming habits to cave people…) Thankfully my husband cares more about the softness of his skin than I do, and he was able to provide just enough shaving cream to coat my chest and face for a full 30 mins (again..sorry for the image)

So, did it work? Well, it made my skin feel all tingly, giving it the illusion that it was working and Wrigley was once again impressed (if it looks like cool whip, it must taste like cool whip, right?), but in the end the only dermatological advantage I gained was 2 brand new pimples. yay me!

Entering the final stages of the peel process…Top half of my forehead looks like the southern half of Mexico

I gave it my best, but in the end I think it is safe to say that the damage is done, and while the redness is gone for the most part the unfortunate peeling process will be beginning soon. Just in time to meet about 20-30 new people. Yay.  Maybe when they meet me again at the reunion 2 years from now they won’t recognize me and assume Matthew ditched me for a girl with a better skin care regimen.  #fingerscrossed.

Fashion {ish} With Jennifer

Fashion {ish}

TR 2006 Class Clowns

The phrase “There appears to have been a struggle” comes to mind when describing my fashion sense. I have never and will never claim to be a fashionista. If you dug out my senior yearbook right now, you would not see me listed under the best dressed category.  In fact, the only section you will find me under is class clown, which oddly enough not only describes my winning personality but my train wreck fashion concept as well.

Back then (and now really) I would describe my fashion sense as meeting the minimum requirements. And no, I am not talking ‘minimum’ as in coming to school with daisy dukes, crop top and flip flops (Lord help us all with the imagine we now have floating in our head). Thankfully, fabric coverage was not an issue.

On any typical day you would see me in pants which were sometimes jeans but mostly athletic type pants even though my M.O. was more closely aligned with

The Infamous Hoodie
Trusty hoodie & tragic bangs

‘fake an illness to get out of PE’ than to be a participant on any kind of sports team. Shoes—if they would have let me go barefoot I would have, but #rules. A t-shirt with either the school mascot, (Go Warriors!) The Beatles or the Cubs. I would top this look off with my Relient K hoodie which I still have and still looks like it was worn every day for 3 years straight (because it was).

I will wear it hear and wear it there I will wear it everywhere

The hoodie was multi-functional. It served as a pillow in classes where I could catch a nap (after my homework was completed of course). It kept me warm in classes that lacked the best heat in the Indiana winter. It helped me sneak in whatever banned item that I felt I just absolutely needed in class, although for the life of me I can’t remember what I would have needed. (It couldn’t have been a cell phone because not many of us had them yet) But If we are being completely honest here (this is my web page and I pronounce this a judgement free zone) the hoodie meant that I did not need have to wear a bra.

By the grace of God these items would match every once in a while, but most days you might assume that I got dressed in a small closet with the light off 5 minutes before running out the door to catch the bus. Those assumptions would be correct by the way.

College and dorm life did not help my fashion decisions at all. My 7:30 am freshman journalism professor told us on day 1 that she understood that her class was an early one and if having near perfect attendance throughout the whole the semester meant letting us crawl in the door at 7:25 with our pajamas and slippers still on, she was more than ok with that. (teeth brushing was non-negotiable as it should always be.) I took advantage of this generous request more times than I care to mention.

I think college only further confirmed my fondness with hoodies, and by sophomore year I was in a full blown committed relationship with one. (again, this is a

New Hoodie, same unhealthy attachment

judgment free zone). Freshman year I bought a brown and teal overpriced hoodie (pictured on the right in various years of being worn) from the campus bookstore with left over textbook money I had. (as you can see my history of stellar decision-making skills goes wayyyy back) I wore that hoodie e-v-e-r-y-where. My room mates often joked that it would need to be surgically removed from my body (that is if it didn’t disintegrate first). In the end that hoodie and I had the last laugh. I bought that guy over 12 years ago and I still wear it as much as the Texas climate allows me to.

It wasn’t until I met a handsome, sweet guy in my junior marketing class, that I participated in a ritual that most girls practice and master while in high school. I believe the term ‘I have nothing to wear’ captures the mood best. I stood on a mountain of rejected clothes in front of a half-broken mirror propped up against my closet wall. I feverishly tried to learn the fashion rules that most learn in 4th grade (who says black pants and a brown shirt can’t go together anyways) in one night. Now, I can’t say for certain if my ultimate choice of pairing a pink empire wasted shirt with classic jeans was the reason why my now husband decided to ask me to marry him but I am sure it helped.

So where does that leave me now? I stated clearly at the beginning of this post that not now or ever have I claimed to be a fashionista, but I will say my fashion game has stepped up a little bit. (just a little bit) After analyzing pictures of myself from the last few years it appears that my fashion choices follow 4 clear guidelines.

1. Is it comfortable? I’m not saying that I should walk around daily in sweat pants and a hoodie just because it feels like a warm hug all day long, (although…that would be the dream) but in my mind Iimage1 (1) should be able to go a solid 8 hours of wear time before I have the urge to undress prematurely in any kind of way. I can think of several occasions where I have begun removing pieces of an outfit i.e. jacket, undershirt, bra (nope not kidding) because I simply could not take the torture anymore.  The only exception to this rule should be your wedding day and those times when your employer makes you dress up as the Easter Bunny (pictured on the right for your viewing pleasure) The kid and I in this picture had the exact same expression, mine was just hidden and lasted for 3 full 8 hour days.

2. Does it match? Gone are the days where my biggest concern was making sure I didn’t wear brown dress shoes with black dress pants. Now it seems with the popularity of Lularoe that pattern and print mixing is in. For most people this would seem like a no brainer, but yet here I am still seeking guidance from the powers that be on Pinterest trying to find out if certain items in my closet can be worn together. p.s. Pinterest says to wear small stripes with bold patterns or bold stripes with small patterns. One can safely assume that because of this I avoid most patterns and prints and stick with jeans and a black shirt. This way no one gets hurt.

3. Does it fit? This rule goes hand in hand

“Richard, what’s happening?!”

with rule number one and sadly the rule that took me the longest to learn. There should be no reason that I should have to lie down to let the laws of gravity aid me to fit into a pair of jeans. Nor should the jaws of life be needed to remove me from a pair of jeans after my body has become one with the skin tight material.  It is amazing the embarrassing moments one can avoid by making sure your clothes fit properly. (I’m looking at you, high school muffin top and plumbers crack)

4. Can I get by without wearing a bra?  We all have different rituals we practice when arriving home after a long day at work. Some people hang theirSee the source image coat up, put their keys on the hook, grab the mail or let their dogs outside. Well, my return home ritual is very similar except instead of hanging my coat up as soon as I walk in the door, I remove my bra. Now I know what some of you are thinking, “ but that is so un-lady like” and you may be right, but one has never experienced a joy as pure as coming home from a long day of work and removing the worlds most socially accepted torture device.  I know in most instances a bra is a best practice but if there is even a slight chance where I can get by without wearing a bra and not end up on the people of Wal-Mart website, you better believe it, I am there in a heart-beat.

I have been dressing myself on my own for at least the last 24 years and I think it is safe to say that progress has been made. I mean I’m not going to be featured on E!’s best dressed list any time soon but I also don’t see myself being arrested for indecent exposure either, what more could a girl ask for?

What are some of the fashion faux pas you are guilty of committing and what are some fashion rules you live by to this day? Leave them below and let me know I am not alone!