I’m Thankful For..

In high school (not college thankfully) I was notorious for waiting until the last minute to finish an assignment..and this blog is a child of that principal! Everybody who is anybody has been posting on Facebook daily what they are thankful for and while I’m a bit late to this party, don’t let my tardiness confuse you, I have many many things to be thankful for! The following items meet the Jennifer Shidler “Seal of Approval”


I’m Thankful For…


1.) Cool side of the pillow, your there for me at 3 and again at 7, thank you for being versatile and not becoming jealous when I cheat on you with another pillow. You will always be my number one..and two!COOL-PILLOW_RK

2.) Vacuum cleaners, as I have never witnessed a more life affirming way to scare the living day lights out of my cats while being productive at the same time. Win Win!

3.) Daylight Savings time, fall back (not spring forward), lets be real, who wouldn’t want to relive 2 am on some random fall evening?fallback

4.) Heated seats, cloth seats, not leather! There is nothing more amazing than walking out to your car on a cold winters morning, starting it up and with 10 shivering minutes..BAM hot crossed buns!

5.) Bathroom acoustics. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but for the last 10 years, I’ve been performing 4 solid concerts a week from the comforts of my bathroom with not a single dry eye, or bubble in the house. This shower singing diva continues to give Whitney Houston and Stevie Nicks a run for their money.

Toothpaste_Squeezer6.)The device that forces the toothpaste to come out in an orderly fashion. This little drill sergeant gets the job done and saves me 2 dollars bi-annually in wasted to toothpaste..and that is no laughing matter.

7.)Cute older people who still bring binoculars to public events. If Paul McCartney lost a contact on stage, the lady in section 208 row 6 seat 5 has got his back.e

8.) Whoever made this coat

9.) Whoever coined the phrase "not tonight honey, I have a headache." This phrase brings as much sadness and disappoint as one of my other favorite phrases, “I’m sorry, we are all out of Twinkies” both have ever lasting effects that are not yet known to man. twinkie

10.) Silent and vibrating options on my phone that successfully allow me to fake a phone call in awkward or tense situations, without allowing real calls to come through systematically blowing my cover and making me look like a weirdo. 

11.) Lunchables, the 1.00 snack that is just enough to get me through until my real food arrives!

12.)For the times that the song that comes on the radio is really ‘under pressure’ by Queen and not ice ice baby ‘Edge of 17′ by Stevie Nicks and not Bootylicious’ and “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon and not”All Summer Long” by kid rock

13.) That my iPod lets me skip as much as I want without making me listen to commercials. Take that Pandora.

14.) Thankful or scpelll checiek, because “just sound it out” doesn’t always cut it and because no one wants to be that kid in class that the only word spelled right on their paper is their name..if they are even that lucky..trust me..I know these things.

only-hangers-clear-plastic-top-clothes-hangers_0_400x36015.) Little indents on hangers that keep my clothes from falling on the floor.

16.)The metal wires that held my teeth together for two years. The people of Texas, Indiana, and all that have met me in between thank you. braces

17.)Getting the right key in the right lock in the right direction the first time around, same thing goes with USB drives and cell phone chargers. Getting these right the first time is life’s way of giving you a high five and saying, hey, you did it!

6-13-10 New Vacuum (4)18.) The lines and waves the Vacuum creates on the carpet! It’s a friendly memo that says King Hoover now deems this carpet clean and worthy

19.) Falling asleep on a long road trip and waking up and your half hour from your destination. “What do you mean it takes 16 hours to get from Texas to Indiana? Cause that totally felt like 3 1/2"

20.) Spending a hour agonizing over fries or onion rings, picking one, but having a mix of both in the cup! Life is saying, “Yes, yes you can have your cake and eat it too.”

21.) Sweater shaver. Those cotton fur balls on all my work clothes aren’t going to eat themselves are they? Thank you for making my clothes your steady diet.sweater shaver

22.) The kernels in the bottom of the popcorn bag that refuse to pop. Your stubbornness to conform to the “pressures” around you, is always my favorite part of the popcorn experience. I too, am a rebel!

23.) Knowing friends unlock codes to their phones. What better way to remind them that they should be thinking about you ALL THE TIME, then photo bombing their wallpaper 2-3 times a week.

24.) Digging out a pair of shoes that you once deemed unworthy because they were uncomfortable,  wearing them and realizing there perfect all along.

25.) Making a food item that Finally (after many failed attempts) tastes like how mom used to make it.

26.)Having the perfect comeback at the perfect time. Because yes sir, that IS what she said.

richard_simmons_127.)The moments that I can actually tell when I’m just bored to death and not starving to death. It is dangerous to get the too symptoms confused. Just ask this guy

28.)When the two socks I pull out of the sock drawer match not only color but in style and size

29.) Knowing the automated operator numbers by heart so you don’t have to listen to all the options to know that you need to press 5 for technical support and then 1 for voicemail settings. Take that you automated sorcerer you. 

30.) For Pawn Stars effectively training me on how to spot an authentic civil war gun, samurai sword and babe Ruth card, a true skill set that really rounds out a resume.

31.)The lady at the airport who selflessly tells you everyday "The moving walkway is now coming to and.." Wow, that was a close call.

door32.) Still getting Goosebumps from a favorite song that I’ve heard a millions times over.

33.) The door knobs that easily tell you when the door is locked and NOT LOCKED! No greater reassuring feeling than someone running full speed at your bathroom door like a Velociraptor hunting for prey and that silver button is pressed in and not sticking out. Not today silly velociraptor, not today. 


Tools and Items needed for a Paul McCartney Concert


While watching the presidential debates this past month, Romney & Obama spoke on many topics and referenced their plans to get our country back on the economic high path. Romney in particular spoke of his "5 point plan" ( 2 Google searches and a yahoo answers page later I can now name all 5 steps…provided that I have that page pulled up in front of me) and while his plan did not turn out the best outcome, I just know this 12 point plan will put any Paul McCartney fan in the right direction.

It Began with a CD.

In fourth grade I received my very first walk man for my birthday, and with it I received a copy of the white Album and the debut spice girls cd. With the White Album included a postcard mailer that if, returned to the company, would add you to the Paul McCartney fan club! At this point in my life the only fan club I was apart of was the burger king birthday club, so this had to be a step up! It is because of that membership (and the white album still one of my favorites) that I was able to buy my tickets almost a week and a half before they went on sale to the general public. Being a nerd never paid off so much in my life!

Bucket List

My Sophomore English teacher (Mr. Winston) had a great way to keep his students thinking creatively. We had composition notebooks, and each day of class he wrote a two topics on the board that we had to choose from and write about as an entry in a journal. One of the first entries we did into the year was write a 20 point bucket list of things we would want to do before we die. Any guesses on what my first bucket list item was? It said see any of the three Beatles in concert. (George had not yet passed away yet)..I know what your thinking, how could somebody with an awesome bucket list like that NOT be the most popular person in all of Turkey Run Jr. Sr. High?! Baffles me to this day! Smile

 Make sure the outfit is right…

imageAfter spending hours on amazon looking for the right outfit, I found it! I was sold on the shirt from amazon when another interested user asked in the q&a portion of the site, if wearing their shirt would get them some "action"…to which the site holder responded "Our shirts are great ice-breakers but you’ll need to garnish slightly with witty banter and cute smiles to attract your hottie.  However, we’ve heard nothing but successful stories about sweet hook-ups. Good luck"  Oh goodness! If the “action” this savvy shopper was referring to, was some sweet action concert time with Sir Paul, then yes sir, count me in! We also made sure our vehicle was properly dressed as well! Everyone now knows that this 2010 blue dodge journey belongs to a Indiana State University Alum who likes the Beatles and likes to fly (cant tell in this picture but opposite of Abby Road is a pilot sticker!)


 Keep the man alive!

helicopterFor the love of God, I cannot stress this step enough, keep the man alive until the concert. This article explains it all!  What is it about musicians and aircrafts? have you not studied the lyrics to American pie? Or learned anything from the deaths of Big Bopper, John Denver, Lynard Skynard, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Holly?! Just say no! And then take a boat…how many of the Beatles died on the Titanic? That’s right, NONE, bam..point made! Also..lets keep this guy, Mark David Chapman, in jail and not on parole…mmmkay


 Room décor

Room décor? This is a concert right?! While yes, this is a concert over 3 hours away, but you never know if a blizzard will hit the state of Texas (it could happen right?!), and suddenly Paul Mccartney needs a place to stay! Well your in luck Sir Paul, chateau Shidler in Temple Texas has room in their inn, and the Beatles suite is waiting for you! (hope you like cats, because they’ve learned to like you!) At chateau Shidler we offer breakfast in bed (frosted flakes ok?) and turn down service complete with a lullaby! “Golden slumbers fill your eyes, smiles awake you when you rise, sleep pretty darling do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby”

Chateau Shidler Beatles Suite!

Spread the Word, But try not to alienate co-workers, family, friends and cats…paulcountdown

If there is anything I learned in the years, months, days and hours leading up to my wedding, it is giving a constant update to the upcoming event can be a bit pretentious and annoying.  So, this time around, I tried to keep it simple and classy! Only a few posts when I ordered the tickets and then bi-monthly updates until the week leading into the concert, then its everyman for its self. This rule, although, does not apply to verbal statements with friends, co-workers and customers, as I no longer have a verbal filter that tells me t.o stop. I do have ADD, and this is when it comes out the most. Customer: “hi, my name is Cindy and this is my Husband Paul, we are here to get an iPhone!” “Hi Cindy and Paul, my name is Jennifer and I will be taking care of you today! Paul is a great name, did you know that Paul McCartney is coming to Houston in October!”

Educate the novice Beatle Fan

Matthew, in our four years of dating, has come to know a few of the songs that made the Beatles famous, but he only knows the songs that EVERYBODY knows, which isn’t even scratching the surface, not to mention the fact this is a Paul McCartney concert and he has many hits as a solo artist or with Wings that are just as good (I would argue to say better, listen to the album “Ram”)! So when the concert was announced, operation “Ram” had begun.  We put all the cd’s into playlists and put them on his iPhone and iPod so he could bone up. I refuse to be the there with the obvious bandwagon fan. (I trained the cats too, just in case)

Testing, 1…2…3..

To maximize the concert experience, all scenarios planned out and useful equipment tested before hand. We took a map of Houston, plotted possible parking locations, dinning facilities, double checked with the box office to confirm tickets were there, printed off any confirmation code associated with this event and double checked licenses. Once that was done, we moved to equipment. Camera, check, batteries and charger, check check, cell phone cords, check, car chargers, check and most importantly, iPhone case with external 8 hour battery to increase battery life of phone just in case camera batteries fail, check! Be prepared, not scared!

Excited faces

If your like me, and have been waiting for a moment like this for over 15 years, then it is important to have the proper game face. Just like celebrities at the Oscars, they want to have the perfect look on their face when the presenter calls their name and the camera falls on them..you didn’t think that was natural did you?! (probably is but just go with it) so in the months leading up to this concert, I and many people around me have been practicing our OMG faces! The picture on the far left is the “OMG he is singing Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey!” The middle picture is the “OMG, he is singing Deliver your Children!!” and the third picture is “OMG he is playing HEY JUDE!”

1. OMG he is playing Uncle Albert

Wait impatiently for tickets to arrive

Check mail box 2/3 times a day and harass the mailman until tickets arrive in the mail. (for a while I was beginning to think the mail man was a rolling stones fan, due to their lack of arrival!) No buy and print option here, its not a real concert till some security guard in a bright yellow/orange shirt named pat asks for my tickets and then  gently takes his half of the perforation.

Location, Location, Location

Obsess over seating, spend hours looking at your seating assignment then scouring the web for web sites that show you seat views. Visualize the view and continue to reassure herself that section 208 row 8 seat 5&6 are the best seats in the house and quite worth 2  car payments. Location also includes agonizing the placement of the hotel, parking and food destinations so that you can triangulate and optimize Paul McCartney sightings….or unfortunately, in our case, stay at the semi shady Days in 10 miles away because all the rich Paul McCartney fans have taken every nice hotel room within walking distance of the venue…oh the struggles of being upper lower class!

Prepare your thank you’s in advance

Deliver thank you speeches to all effected parties:

"I would like to thank the city of St. Louis for allowing Paul to do a practice concert with them on 11/11 so that he could effectively rock the house on 11/14 in Houston!!"

“to the person sitting in front of me at the concert, thank you for sacrificing your eardrums. I apologize ahead of time for the lack of hearing in both of your ears..im a bit of a screamer at concerts”

“To the person sitting behind me shouting “OMG this is my favorite song” right before every song starts….go home..your drunk…thank you"

“Thank you to the readers of this blog, who have in no doubt been alienated by my posts and banter on Facebook and at work! I assure you, the real Jennifer will return to her normal, non-obsessing self, in just a few short days, I think..”

Welcome to the 12 weeks of Christmas.

The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of A play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire.

The following work of humor, irony, exaggeration and ridicule is dedicated to all those holidays forgotten or skipped over, you did not come and go in vain!


  That’s right folks; it’s that time of the year! No, not a leap year! It’s Christmas, and I am here for the next 24 hours to bring you the one and the only master collection of Christmas’s best songs. You’ll have the oldies, the goodies, and the newbies. If it has an “ies” on the end, it’s here. Now you might ask why we are here, bringing you this tremendous offer. And if you’re not, then you should be! The answer is simple: we know how special Christmas music is to you and yours, so we took the liberty to compile all of your favorite hits on our not-so-digitally re-mastered CDs! No more being angry because the radio isn’t playing your favorite song. No more feeling depressed because you can’t find your favorite version of Silent Night. Now you can safely celebrate the holiday season. Tonight, you will be blessed with all 59 songs on 59 CDs!
Now I know what you’re saying, 59 of the best Christmas songs on 59 non re-mastered CDs! What’s the catch? Well there really is no catch. Just call our special non-toll-free number at 765-597-2574 and answer our short 100-question survey. Then, after you give us your social security number, credit card number, blood sample and sign over the life of your first child, your Christmas selections shall arrive by Easter. That’s right, Easter, so you can enjoy your Christmas songs from then until the New Year! Can’t you just imagine the sheer possibilities of being able to listen to Christmas music every day of the week? Some mistake it for being annoying and repetitive. However, I feel that Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reindeer has a certain allure after hearing it 50 times in a row, don’t you?
So now you are probably asking what else is on these wonderful CDs. You already knew that Grandma and her killer reindeer are making an appearance, but what else? Great songs like Frosty the Snowman; who wouldn’t want to hear Frosty the Snowman? This child-stalking snowman sure has a way with the little kids! 12 different versions of the 12 Days of Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and my personal favorite, Feliz Navidad! This song is for those of us who are overcome with boredom in all traditional Christmas songs. Who wants to sing holiday songs in their native language when there are hundreds of neglected languages that scream Christmas? I mean, personally, when I think of Christmas, I think Mexico. I also think of Germany! That’s right folks, we also have the German version of Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten. And lets not forget Russia, веселое рождество. Christmas just keeps getting better and better with every song and every country!
We here at Willing To Recommend CDs © know that you are buying this music so that you can hear your Christmas classics all year round, but we feel that you also need to sample the songs that will one day be classics. Songs that your kids and your kids’ kids (your grandchildren, for the not so bright) will be singing to you later in life while you sit and wish you were deaf. So for a price of $39.99, we will throw in Christmas from the Ranch, Neverland Ranch that is. Live from his recording studio, we have put together a compilation of Michael’s soon-to-be killer or should we say Thriller hits! On this CD hear Mike sing I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa’s Elf and Wako Jacko’s Coming to Town. If this doesn’t satisfy your Christmas itch, we also have, as an added bonus for $22.99, Kim Kardashians Blonde for the Holidays. On this 3-song CD, we hear Kim sing such songs as We Three Kings of Wal-Mart Are, and All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front…(well, we’ll just say this CD isn’t for the kids). And, finally, Frosty the Red Nosed Alligator is on it as well. I’ve heard that she wrote all the songs herself! She has a lot of talent.
Have we convinced you yet? I thought so! How could you deny this wonderful Christmas offer? Never before have these 59 songs ever been put on these 59 CDs for a price this wonderful: three easy payments of $59.99! And don’t forget the two extra CDs you are paying for. Which makes your Christmas total $ 242.95. But wait, we can’t forget the shipping. So that’s 59 cds plus the two others you bought which equals 61 cds and so that equals $61 in shipping, plus the toaster you get for ordering over the phone for $15 and the shipping for that which is 2, your new and final holiday cd collection total is $320.95. Wow, what a steal! I can already see your holiday season brightening after you get these CDs in five months. This is Willing To Recommend CDs © signing off saying, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and watch out for those reindeer

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November.

Due to the craziness that has been my life, this has been my first blog post in almost 3 weeks. I promise I have not forgotten about you all ( all 15 of my followers and one curious person who has told me they are from Oregon, how did you find this blog anyways) My nickname growing up was motormouth, so trust me, you have not heard my last words just yet! I wanted to write todays post on something that is affecting our nation right now as we speak, its in the headlines, on the news, all over facebook..we can not escape it, it is everywhere, over the last few months we have been prepping for this day for, and now it is finally here! Happy Election Birthday to me!!!! ( You didn’t really think I was going to write a post on politics did you?! if you did..shame on you!) Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: All of my friends are posting intense political rants on facebook, and I'm just over here like, 'Hey, I made pancakes!'

“Ain’t no party like a Liz Lemmon Party, Because a Liz Lemmon Party is Mandatory!”

I was lucky enough to have this day off ( thanks to a special razorback who traded shifts with me!) So during my day off I began to think about what it means to celebrate being a year older and evaluating the several aspects that have made ‘me’ ME for the last 25 years! This full day of evaluation and pondering led to 10 profound/not so profound points on this coming of age day!

1. About a week before the big day I received a special card in the mail! The card was from the insurance company and although it was disguised as a bill, I quickly noticed it was a letter informing me that I would now be receiving a discount on my monthly bill!! YES!!! Car insurance rate is lowered!!!! Look out people of Texas..this 25 year old mediocre driver is saving 15 percent or less on her car insurance, she didn’t even have to switch to Geico, and she’s coming to a highway near you!

2. At the age of 25 I STILL hate getting up early and will literaly wait until the LAST minute to get out of bed. Here is the scenario…”Ok, I have to be at work @ 1pm, it takes a half hour to get there, I have to do the laundry, feed the cats, pack my lunch, take a shower and figure out what im going to wear and how im going to do my hair!” A normal person at the mature age of 25 would handle this situation as follows: “Yeah! tomorrow I get to sleep in a little bit and I will still have all the time I need to get everything on my list accomplished! might even surprise the husband with a cake when he gets home from work! I’m going to set my alarm for 10am!” Here is I handle this situation at the age of 25 ” Ok, have to be at work at 1, need to do all this stuff, should probably get up early for once and get all this stuff done so that i don’t have to be up till 3 am doing this and be tired like I was today. Lets set the alarm for 10:30 am, that should be plenty of time do everything. –10:30 rolls around, ok, if I hit the snooze for 10 minutes, that will make it 10:40..shouldnt loose too much with that..10:40, who gets up at such a weird number like 10:40? 10:30 or 10:45 maybe, but not 10:40. Better hit snooze again and revisit this situation in the clarity of a more ‘normal’ number. 10:50..dangit! increments of 10! Didnt think that through, oh well, better hit snooze again, that will make it 11:00, a rounded number and then i can start my day off on the right foot! 12pm..Crap…what do you mean you can only hit snooze three times before the alarm shuts off?! Whose idea was that..im so angry..im just need a quick nap just so I don’t scream!!!..ill get up in 10 minutes. 12:10…CRAP! I have to be at work in 45 minutes..I have 15 minutes to get ready..tommorow im going to get up earlier and do all this stuff that did I didn’t do today…..(every inch of this speaks so much truth it frightens me lol)


Indiana state Unviersity 2010

3. Just today I learned that maturity in decision-making becomes a lot easier at the age of 25. For example, in college, I thought it was funny and not wrong to log onto Wikipedia pages and freely edit their information for my own amusement. I once got on to the Indiana State University Wiki page and added famous alumni such as Oprah, Chuck Norris and, YOURS TRULY 🙂 Now, at the mature age of 25 I knew I was doing something incredibly wrong before I did it, and felt moderately guilty afterwords 😉

Pretty sure wikipedia already removed this from the 11/5 page 😦

4. Laundry still sucks at the age of 25…I loathe laundry to such a point that in the next week or two I actually have a FULL blog post dedicated to just this topic. On my birthday I did 5, count them 5, loads of laundry which is no fun game when you live on the second floor of an apartment complex and the laundry room is downstairs and on the backside fo the building. Today i thought i would be cleaver and pack all the laundry into large rolling suitcases complete with detergent and softer and headed downstairs like a nomad on an epic journey..this worked great..until I had to haul those bad boys upstairs..laundry fail.

Anyone at any age can throw up in a car..dosnt magicaly stop at 25!
Anyone at any age can throw up in a car..dosnt magicaly stop at 25!

5. It seems that 25 is the magical driving age, because not only are my insurance rates lowered, but I can officially rent a car from any respectable car company (willing to rent me the car that is 😉 without having to pay an extra 50 dollars a day!!!!! It seems funny to me that so many other age limitation milestones are met way before one turns 25. For instance, If i wanted to, i could have been married, voted, been to war, been divorced and buy alcohol and cigarettes, all before the age of 22, but if i wanted to rent a car to be able to do any of these things…nope sorry..that will be 50 extra dollars please!

Im not this stupid..pretty sure I’ve come close!

6. Oh Natural Selection, you tried your best.. but I Showed you!! :)In my younger days, and my mother can back me up on this, I had a weee bit of a problem with fire, and by problem, I liked to lite things on fire. First memorable occasion I can think of is my mom having a candle on the mantle and me thinking it was fun to lite pieces of computer paper on fire take them back to my room and blow them out..No worries, every 10-year-old melts their bedroom carpet at least once in their life time right? Or my attempts to ‘put’ out a wall sconce that i thought was out of control with a can of OFF…(did you know that just makes the fire bigger?

Rowdy Bitty Baby!

7. Some quick young adult math: In 5 years im going to be 30..in 15 years im going to be 40..25 years im going to be 50! I am half way to be middle aged..Is there such thing as a reverse mid-life crisis? Should I buy the minivan and wear the mom jeans now because I want to make myself appear older..then in 15 years trade this in for a Camaro and skinny jeans because my mini van and mom jeans make me to old? Plus..i just found a gray hair on my cat..what does that mean?! (it means i have a grey cat..and he was born that way..but that’s besides the point)

clap on, clap off, the clapper!

8. I have recently learned in the last few years that my days of staying out till really late, going to midnight movie premiers than popping up real quick at 8 am to go to work the next morning are nearly if not all the way gone. I was in no way a “partier” in my ‘younger’ days. But my friends and i knew how to have good legal fun! Now a days, i promise, I still enjoy good legal fun, but I have a 10 clock curfew on work nights, 8 o clock if i open the next morning, and a midnight curfew on nights where Idon’t even work the next day…I feel that my eyes don’t see quite as well at night as they used to and those pesky dear don’t mess around here in Texas. yep…we’re thinking of installing the clapper next week…

Not a self portrait…

9. I can remember as a pre-teen in the days when I was first allowed to by Teen People and J-14 magazine at the Rockville IGA that there are these little pieces of fiction called horoscopes. Oh girls used to live there Nsync and Backstreet boys days on these star driven social maps destin to lead you to your next big crush. Since I have not read a horoscope for myself in YEARS (mainly because I don not believe in them) decided to read one just to see if it makes any sense at all. It is as follows: Monday, Nov 5, 2012 — We may have to revisit a job that we thought was already finished, but this first full day of Mercury’s retrograde can also buy us time by extending deadlines. Although the dramatic Leo Moon encourages overstated actions, we are wiser to take a more conservative approach today. Things are not as they appear now and making assumptions will lead to problems that eat up a lot of time, especially once the Moon enters critical Virgo at 11:34 pm EST.Ok, right of the bat..how in the world is this supposed to help anyone? Tell me again why i care about Mercury’s retrograde? I can barely spell retrograde let alone figure out how it is supposed to help me gain all the love and wealth I need in the world. And im sorry Leo, but I just moved 16 hours away from home for the first time in life away from my family..I barely have enough time for my dramatic moon let alone yours, so keep that to yourself! The only amusing part I learned about my horoscope was the fun fact section included at the bottom: “If You Were Born Today, November 5: You possess a rare balance between introspection and extraversion ( is this another way of saying im awesome?). You are able to look within for answers, and often do, yet reaching out to others and making social connections also comes fairly easily to you (Please tell me more about how im awesome and people love me). You are quietly ambitious (haha..there is a first I’ve never been quiet at anything), and a strong sense that you will achieve can carry you far(not sure that sentence even makes sense..but oh well).You have an aptitude for the written word and/or you are able to charm others through your words(whoever wrote this horoscope has obviously read this blog, was it you mr. Oregon? But they also have no idea that I cant spell me way out of a paper bag). You are more adaptable than most Scorpios, yet you are determined in whatever ignites your passions. You perhaps appear to be more versatile than you actually are (I’m sneaky like that). You possess your own unique vision(if by unique vision you mean almost legally blind with out my glasses or contacts, then yes, that’s me ),and you are not a conformist. Driven by a quiet sense of a personal mission (there is that quiet word again..you really don’t know me do you..or am I whispering to low for you), if you follow your intuition, success is almost guaranteed. Famous people born today: Elke Sommer, Roy Rogers, Tatum O’Neil, Art Garfunkel, Bryan Adams, Vivien Leigh. Awesome..I share my birthday with a cowboy, a spoiled child star, the “Rhoda” of a music duo and a not bad Canadian singer..could be worse right 😉

10. “I’ve brought you into this world, and I can take you out!” we have all heard this end all one liner used my moms all around the world to snap their kids back into reality, and while I’m sure its pretty hard to reintroduce a teenager back in to the womb after 18 years (not to mention uncomfortable) and murder is still illegal in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, the phrase bares some

My Mommy and I

poetic truth! Leads me to realize why are people showering me with gifts, why are 94 people writing on my Facebook wall congratulating me on my birth when I’m quite certain my mom should be the one getting all the praises. She did all the work of labor (even if it was a planned c section..lame..lol) and to top it all of has managed not to kill me in the last 25 years (forget the wrath of survival of the fittest). This is no easy feat for anyone as, I am no ‘walk in the park’ to deal with. My mom, like the strong victim of a 25-year-old hurricane named Jennifer has endured my bad grades in elementary,school shouting matches because I didn’t want to clean my room, mad because I wanted whatever the new toy or electronic was even though we couldn’t afford it, mad because I was the only sophomore riding the school bus, fake attempts to run away from home, melted carpets, scorched walls, car accidents..yada yada yada, my brat list goes on forever and forever. So Mommy, if you are reading this…thank you for allowing me to live 😉 ❤



Blogging 101 states that in order to pull people into your profile you need socialto have swanky & catchy titles of your blog posts! If the colorful alliteration of “pimping, plump, profile” does not work, then I have failed you as an armature/novice blogger!  Any who, the theme of today’s blog is nostalgia. Particularly the nostalgia I felt as I accidently stumbled across my old MySpace page (this is where the pimping a not so plump profile inspiration comes from 🙂 . You remember MySpace right?! In relation to the social media trend,  it was after Xanga and before Facebook. Myspace, like Facebook, allowed you to add friends, post “status’ like statements, upload pictures and write notes for others to see. While these characteristics seem very similar to the Facebook of today, there were a few  things i remember being a bit different.

tom_myspace1. No matter how low you were on the social totem pole, you ALWAYS had at least one friend, Tom!

2. You could use HTML codes to change the background of your page to code-HTML-conversion-code-XMLmimic your current mood. With the click of a save button you could have something romantic as falling hearts on a pink backdrop with what ever song  you and your crush danced to at your first homecoming, to a more subtle black background with flashing skull and bones playing the newest Avril song that your swear was written about your recent break up.

3 You can post these surveys on your about me so that ANYONE (even that creepy stalker guy down the road ) could know EVERYTHING about you, but were mainly there in hopes that your crush would read the about you section and realize that you have SOOO MUCH IN COMMON. I will note that I may have been guilty of changing the info on those surveys once or twice to fit the answers of the would be suitors answers. Yea..it never worked lol

Lessons Learned too Little too Late..

After revisiting MySpace after a long 4 year absence I learned a few things about my 20 year old self, some of which I wouldn’t exactly say I am thrilled about sharing! But at this point you either don’t care, or have already goggle searched the following terms: Jennifer Shidler+Myspace, Jennifer Kilburn+Myspace, Jennifer Kilburn Shidler+Myspace. (ill save you the time, MySpace screen name is iamthewalrus87, and no, I’m not kidding)

1. After 4 years I still have 192 friends (including the creepy papa johns guy that wrote his number on the back of my receipt after delivering the ever popular 3 am pizza) ..Yeah..I’m cool! Just like my Facebook page, more than 65% of these people (Tom included) are nothing more than aquatiances and people I met briefly in college. Delete them? Never! You never know when your going to need to know the name of that one nice dining hall lady that always gave me an extra cookie in the Blumberg dinning hall freshman year!

2.  The last post on my page was from over 3 years ago from a gentleman from my high school exclaiming that he just “bought me as his pet” and that if I clicked on his link I could figure out my worth. Why did we ever switch to Facebook?!

3. That filter one has when it comes to posting embarrassing pictures of yourself on your own social media sites apparently does not exist on Myspace, as proven by a few of the pictures I had managed to delete from every hard drive I ever owned, but still managed to think it was ok to post on the Myspace. (and again on here bahaha)

image The Future Mrs. Shidler 3

image4. I REALLY wanted people to know that I LOVE listening to music. Even I was like “Shut up already” while reading the about me section of my profile. Here are just a few quotes that were sprinkled through out..”In my spare time i LISTEN TO MUSIC..infact it dosnt have to even by my spare time, i listen to music no matter what im doing..whether its at the front desk of my dorm working, in the car driving, in the shower, walking to class, there is always music” “Someday I would like to meet Paul Mccartney” ….”MUSIC I LOVE MUSIC MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF…..MY IPOD MY FRIENDS CALL HER FIFI.. MUSICAL I LOVE MUSICALS PROLLY CAUSE I LIKE MUSIC…CAN I HAVE A SHOUT OUT FOR MOULIN ROUGE WEST SIDE STORY Fiddler on the roof AND RENT RENT RENT” My favorite (most annoying) example is to long to copy for it is longer then this actual blog post in its entirety so instead I shall show you with a snapshot of the screen. I pretty much pulled up my iPod and typed in EVERY name that appeared in the artist column. Yes, I give you permission to roll your eyes. I know i did. 

5.   That I attempted to be as funny and witty in my writing on my “blog posts” on Myspace as I do on bk_tendercrisp_01here. At one point I filled out a survey and had it posted on my about me section. One of the questions asked something as random as what was the last thing you ate, to which i replied “a tender crisp chicken sandwich  from Burger King” (freshman 15..try freshman, 15-30-45). A few sections later it was asking romance questions. To which i had no romance experience at this time proven by my answer.  The question was, Who was the last person you looked longingly at, with out missing a step I responded “Well that chicken sandwich I just ate was pretty sexy looking”…..The skinny angel on my shoulder is shaking its head right now, while the fat kid inside of me is half tempted to ask my husband if he knows when burger king closes tonight 🙂

6. I actually put my body description as brown hair, 5’6 and “more to love”….yep…totally didn’t seem myself regretting a statement like that four years ago. Ugh.

7. I filled out wayyyyyy to many of those surveys I mentioned in the first few sections of this blog. And after reading about 90% I’ve come to the conclusion that my answers were almost always catered to whoever I thought would be reading them. Make believe, fairy tales written just to trick convince the “crush” of the month (the word “crush” makes me cringe)  that we were so in tune with each others life, and then they would “know’ that we were in fact destined to be together forever, a MySpace match made in heaven..err..cyberspace.

Exhibit B. The survey question was “What was your favorite pet you’ve ever owned”

Jennifer Kilburn of 2007 answer was “ My favorite pet was my horse sparky, such a good soul and caring heart, I am going to miss him! <3”

There are sooooo many things wrong with this I do not even know where to begin. Not once in my 25 non-equine owning years of life have I EVER owned a horse, and definitely not one named Sparky. In fact, Sparky, If I remember correctly, was the nick name that the “cool” kids made up for me in 5th grade and tormented me with until the 10th grade when I gave them a box of candy bars to stop (yes..I was that kid in school..just briefly though 🙂 ).  And while being knighted with the nick name of Sparky is cool, I don’t think it qualifies me as a horse owner, just saying. 

Dear readers, it is my promise to you, that I, once and for all, complete a Myspace survey giving only true and honest information, a promise way over due! Before I begin, I would like to  have a quick moment of silent for all those make believe pet horses out there with good souls and caring hearts that left us way to soon, Sparky, this honest and true survey is for you buddy!….

The Truth Comes Out:


001. What is Your Name?

Jennifer Lynne (Kilburn) Shidler. AKA Sparky (5th Grade Meanies), Pumpkin Head (my mom), Tweety Bird (My Husband) Jenay (Co-workers) Shindler (people who can’t read) Boo (My favorite razorback)

002. How old are you?

24 Years, 11 months, 10 days. Or 9111 Days or

        • 787,190,400 seconds
        • 13,119,840 minutes
        • 218,664 hours
        • 1301 weeks (rounded down)

003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?

As of today and for 18$ a year, Jennifershidler.com

004. What is your height?

5’6ish, 5’7 if I’m wearing flipflops

005. Do you have any siblings?

A wonderful brother William and a beautiful sister in law Jonie!


006. What is your eye color?

Kinda Blues, brownish, greenish with some red streaks in it…

007. What is your hair color?

Brownish; same as my pet horse Sparky 😉

008. Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Sure do! Since fifth grade!

009. Are you right handed or left handed?

Righty tighty!

010. Do you have any piercings?

If your asking if I have paid someone to add extra holes on my body, the answer is yes. I have two ear piercings in each ear lobe, the top part of my right ear is pierced and my nose was at one point pierced.

011. Do you smoke?

I have unfortunately smoked before, but do i smoke now? Not in a million years would I smoke. I think anyone who is remotely close to my age should know better and should have never given themselves the opportunity to even start. We learn about tobacco addiction in kindergarten for red ribbon and every year after that. After all the facts and stories how could you start?

012. Do you swear?

I hate that I do 😦 It is disappointing

013. Do you get along with your parents?

What child does not fight with their parents? Mom and I always recover 🙂


014. Your heritage

No idea, honestly!

015. Your fears

Disappointing people, Cuban missal crisis, house fires, Elvis really being dead and not just hiding, not being able to take care/be there for my mom 1000 miles away, Paul McCartney dying before my concert, not being able to have kids, running out of kitty litter 🙂

016. Goal you would like to achieve this year

Paying off some more student loans!

017. Most overused phrase on an instant messenger


018. Best Physical Feature

My 3,000 dollar smile 🙂


019. Your bedtime

Being that it is 4:04 A.M. and I’m only on question 19…probably 5:00 am 😉

020. What time do you arise in the morning?

being that I’m on the computer STILL at 5am..probably noon 🙂 Although Liz Lemmon said she would make sure i would wake up at 10ish..jokes on her 🙂

021. First thoughts waking up?

How many points do I have at work and why didn’t I go to bed earlier! and why is the cat where my pillow used to be?

022. Do you shower daily?

I have to, other wise I would never muster up the energy to make it to work and would have 1000 points 🙂

This Or That?

023. Bright or dark room?

Depends, but I like watching TV in a dark room, and I like sleeping in a dark room. I once put three boxes worth of tin foil on a dorm room window so I could sleep during the day! (I worked night shifts at the dorm desk)

024. Chocolate or vanilla?


025. Dogs of cats?

Do I really need to answer this question?!


026. Pepsi or Coke?

Pepsi, no..Pepsi products..yes!

027. McDonalds or Burger King?

While a tender crisp sandwich is pretty sexy (if lost, this means you did not read the entire post, shame on you) My online banking statements over the last 6 years and my bathroom scale will probably tell you McDonalds.

028. Ant or Dec?


029. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea?

neither..this Hoosier transplant in Texas does NOT like tea yucky

030. Cappuccino or Coffee?

Four years of College 8 semesters worth of finals and I STILL don’t like coffee or coffee flavored products, but if I to choose I’ll take a Venti coffee with a cup of 2% milk, hold the coffee!

In the last month have you…

031. Drank alcohol?

Yes, you can thank Liz Lemmon for the pain killer from Cheddars, and Amanda for the Pink Moscatto

032. Gone to a mall?

I can say I have been to two malls in the last 6 months. Temple Mall for the movie theater and Round Rock outlet..COACH!

033. Eaten a box of Oreos?

In its entirety buy myself, NO! With my husband on the couch watching movies in a two day span..maybeeee?

034. Eaten sushi?

Mouth is officially watering! anyone want to bring me a Tokyo roll?!

035. Been on stage?

Yes a few times! not a major stage or anything. I’ve spoke at my home church a few times and I was in a pagent when I was five.

036. Been dumped?

Can honestly say no to this one! I have had one official boyfriend, one official fiance and one very official husband!

037. Gone skinny dipping?

Yes….beginning to rethink my statement of complete honesty.

038. Stolen Anything?

Have you seen my salt and pepper collection?…Still rethinking my honesty statement lol

salt and pepper

Have you ever…

039. Laughed for no reason?

I use laughter to get out of tense situations…I find myself in a lot of tense situations…yes…

040. Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do?

Yes, in second grade I got caught by my teacher, who is like a part of my family to this day, locking all the stalls in the girls bathroom from the inside out. You can shake your head right now..I know I am.

041. Been in love?

Every day for the last four years!


042. Fired a gun?

Yes, yes I have!


043. Been drunk?

So I’ve been told

044. Been called a Tease?

funny, ham, turkey, sweet, loud but no tease!

045. Been beaten up?

Can’t say that I have

046. Shoplifted?

I vaguely remember taking a package of gum from the old grocery store in Rockville next to jacks and jacks. But that could have been a dream.

What was the last….

047. Furry thing you touched?

It’s a toss up between Rowdy and Mosby my cats, and the bag of apples that had put their green furry coat to stay warm in the fridge.Yuck.

048. Thing you’ve said?

Get off me. I was talking to the cats 😉

049. Song you’ve listened to?

The Boxer: Simon and Garfunkel ❤

050. (Who was the last) person you’ve spoken to on the phone?

My brother!

051. Movie you watched?

Matthew and I just went and saw Here Comes The Boom with Kevin James today!

052. Thing you were doing before this?

Trying to sleep, didn’t work!

053. Time you cried?

This evening! I miss my mommy!

054. Song you’ve sang?

The Boxer: Paul Simon!

055. Time you looked at the clock?

Now..very clever survey..very clever

056. Food and drink you’ve had?

Matthew and I snuck two bottles of pop and 4 boxes of candy into the movie theater! Only cost 5.00 🙂

057. Flavor of gum you’ve chewed?

Spearmint but it tasted like feet..

058. Shoes you’ve worn?

my black work shoes with the buckle on it that rattles like elf shoes when I walk

059. Store you’ve been in?

Dollar General purchasing my movie prohibited items at a discounted rate 🙂


060. Planet?

Yeah, I’m not going to get real philosophical on this answer. Earth. Duh.

061. Age you’ve been so far?

24! I’m like a fine wine..I get better with age! 🙂

062. Season?

Depends what state I’m living in..really missing beautiful fall in Indiana right now!

063. Number?

5..don’t know why. I Always pick 5

064. TV show?

It is a toss up between Roseanne and Scrubs. I have seen every episode like 10 times

065. Flower?

Any flower my husband gives 🙂


066. How much cash do you have on you?


067. What’s a word that rhymes with ‘door’?


068. What T-Shirt are you wearing?

The Beatles Live at Shea Stadiium

069. What brand of shoes are you wearing?

Not wearing any shoes

070. What did your last text message say?

both of my phones are in another room, I’m lazy, but I’m pretty sure it was from Liz lemon saying that i should be watching my movie.

071. What were you doing at midnight last night?

Watching M*A*S*H with my husband

072. What’s your current desktop picture?

A collage of Matthews and I’s engagement pictures.

073. What’s a word that you say a lot?


074. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

What kind of question is this? I’m not a crayon..lol…white lol

075. How is the weather right now?

um, its 4:41 am..its quiet and hot outside

076. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

body type

077. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Yes, it took me three weeks of jedi mind tricks to get Matthew to ask me out..it worked btw 🙂

078. Can you do a headstand (not using a wall)?


079. Who would you like to see right now?

My mommmmmmyyyyyyyyy

080. How many pillows do you sleep with?

Three until Matthew goes to work, then its 5..7 if you include two cats that think they are flurry pillows.

081. Would you go on a date with someone on MySpace?

Nope, I don’t think my husband would appreciate that very much.

082. How do you want to die?


083. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Stable 🙂

084. What country would you most like to visit?


085. How many CDs do you own?

6762 songs, 17.3 Days, 35.6 gb worth

086. How many things, in your past, do you regret?

Too many, biggest would be waiting till jr-high to take school seriously…would have made things a lot easier, and not being such a brat as a child.

087. Do you think you are attractive?

On a day to day basis, no mam, but I can be spiffy from time to time.


088. Do you believe in yourself?

Takes a bit to get my mind to get in line, but I believe I can do anything if I realllly want it.

089. Do you want to get married?

I’ve toyed around with the idea.


The Courting Rituals of Man and Cable Company


The time had finally come! Matthew and I have been in Texas for over 6 months, and while in my last post I spoke of the amzingness that is Telemundo, who are we kidding, we miss our regularly scheduled programming….in English. As we began the selection process, I could not help but think that picking a TV internet provider is like watching a late night dating show. Just like deciding whether or not a guy gets a first date, a lot of thought goes into the customers decision into picking a proper cable company. Many suitors come a calling, they fill your mail box with love letters (junk mail) and call and ask if we are ‘satisfied’ with our current provider.

"Shhh! Be quiet, and Look closely as we observe the customer and the cable company in their natural habitat during their ever awkward courting rituals."

Jimmy Fallon, how i love thee!

And like a bad dating experience, I’ve been burned before, so it took a lot for me to decide to call up cable companies again. A quick recap of our previous dating history; Time Warner and I were in an on and off again relationship for 3 years during college. It was good,real good.  When I moved after every school year, they followed me, I rarely had to have anything replaced and they provided to me all the services i needed for a minimal price. What more could I ask for? Then I got married and moved away to the country and we parted ways. And while we were not gone very long before we came back, the damage was done.I thought we could pick up where we left off, I had not changed any, and I had hoped the same for Time Warner. Boy was I wrong. We ordered our service, and after a few months, TW started acting up. The TV would go in and out, the DVR wouldn’t record, the internet was slow and unforgiving. They were no longer in this relationship 100%. We began to call in and try to get some answers and solutions to no avail. All we got were excuses. In the end we ended up canceling and some harsh words were said even went through a public break up on facebook (basically i wrote like 4 long comments on their facebook page, got like 50 likes from people all over the country). We told ourselves that we would never go back, we had grown apart, and they could no longer provide what we needed. "its not you, its me!"

photoCut to now, its been almost 8 months, (we canceled Time Warner almost 2 months before we left Indiana). Friends have asked, how have you managed to go with out TV. Here is the answer, besides Telemundo, which you all know I’m so fond of, we watched a fair share of DVD’s we both have been collecting since HS.   We have, in the last 6 months, watched EVERY episode of the following series..Mad Men, Scrubs, Roseanne, Seinfeld, Sex and the City and are working on M*A*S*H and Home Improvement. And while content, we needed something more to sustain us.

We wanted to take our time with this next decision, not jump into anything, weigh our options and find the right company that would complete our family. Come to find out, living in an apartment complex with a "no dish" rule pretty much makes your decision for you. So we made the awkward call that nobody likes to make.

"Hey, um, remember us..well, I know we said some harsh things to you back in Indiana, but you see, we miss you, and well, we would really like you to come back and be apart of our family. A fresh start you know, put the past behind us and start over. We really had something good back then, and I just know we can be great again..what do you say will you come back?"

Needless to say they came back to us, in fact they created an appointment for us the NEXT day to make sure we apart no longer (they missed us as well). Its been almost 2 full days since TW has been back in our life, and we are awe struck and are loosing brain cells by the minute. Its like we’ve been on a deserted island for a year eating nothing but sand and spiders and now we’ve been rescued and dropped off at Golden Corral for a free for all. We usually watched dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, Ken Burns documentaries or family sitcoms that attempt to instill some type of values..nope not this week. Its been nothing but Storage wars (the Texas version takes place in our back yard!) Teen mom marathons, Toddlers and Tiaras and Top Gear! We also found some new shows that push the boundaries of "how in the world." Words cannot describe mine and my husbands face when we stumbled across such television genius that is "Here comes honey boo boo child"

Watch now, thank me later!

And Duck Dynasty. Both shows bring pride to the southern states. (Sorry Pocahontas Arkansas residents, you will get your turn soon ;)) If you have not seen these shows, or just need to feel better about yourself, I suggest you take some time out of your day pull up your on Demand menu and sit back and relax.

When all is said and done, In the end, just like the night after a bad date, I’m still sitting on the couch in my pajamas with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, a square of cookie dough, watching reruns of pawn stars and toddlers in tiaras, and we couldn’t be happier!

When in Texas, Do as the Texans…

You had to know that with a blog tagline of “A Hoosier at heart, living in the heart of Texas” there had to be at least one post (or many) about the statistical and social differences between the great state of Texas and the Great(er) state of Indiana.

First some fun facts about the state that I now call home.

* The state of Texas ranks 2nd in terms of population of all United States. (no, the first ranked is not Indiana 😉 )

* Texas offers its residents almost all major climate and terrain types. You have the hill country (that’s where i live) prairie, woods and the coast (where i want to live!) 

blog texas

* Three of the United States top 10 largest cities reside in Texas alone. Houston is the 4th, San Antonio is the 7th and Dallas is the 9th.

*Texas is a major sports competitor. NBA: San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets. NFL: Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys and MLB: Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers. And we thought it was hard with homes divided in Indiana, IU or PU, Cubs Vs. White Sox (since my family is predominately from Chicago). Families in this state can be split 7 different ways, makes for tense holiday dinners.


Now some funny facts/realizations about the state that I now call home.

*I’ve been here almost 6 months and no one will tell me who shot J.R.


*Contrary to popular belief, not all my exes live in Texas. (For the record I do not possess any exes, but if i did, they would probably be Hoosiers..just sayin’)


*Texans, do, in fact like to grill out using propane and propane accessories, ( I bet you just said that using hank hills voice)


*I often stop when I am walking somewhere and sharply turn to look behind myself. Not ONCE have I found Walker Texas Ranger. “When you’re in Texas look behind you, ’cause that’s where the rangers are going to be”


*If you are traveling one of the many Texas roads and you come across road signs that say FM 985, that does not mean turn to the radio station FM 98.5 for up to date traffic and weather reports..it is literally the name of the road and stands for Farm to Market road. Also, while we are on the subject of Texas roads, the speed limit is definitely a topic to bring up. In Indiana, 55 is the norm, 65-70 if your on the interstate. Here, on the back roads me and my 2010 Chevy cobalt can cruise at a comfortable 75 mph, on some toll rolls reaching from Austin (state capital) and San Antonio (THE ALAMO!) you can go as fast as 85 mph! I know the story goes that everything is bigger in Texas, but I had no idea! Thank goodness Texas does not require new residents to retake the drivers test..epic fail. 


*I’ve not yet played a hand of Texas hold em’ …and due to my sub par bluffing skills, probably never will.


*If one more person looks at me weird or corrects me because I say “I would like a large pop” and not a coke or soda, I may scream and throw said Pop at you. Apparently the word pop here is foreign and considered “Yankee talk” image*Everyone claims that they have the BEST BBQ,  so much so that one popular chain has decided to tell all of Texas they have the “worst bar-b-q in Texas”. I know I’m committing a major Texas sin in saying I’m not one who enjoys Bar-B-Q, but if i had to pick, I like Rudys the most!

*The state of Texas requires that you have two Licenses plates on each car. This for one means its more expensive ad no more cleverly airbrushed front license plate for this lady and her collectors 2010 Chevy cobalt bahaha. Its business in the front and business in the back in Texas.


*Ever need a way out of a tense conversation? bring up up the intense heat or football, one of those are surely able to stir up stronger emotions than any bad news i could give a person, "oh your mad that i accidentally stepped on your foot in line at Wal-Mart..I’m mad that the weatherman predicted last week it was only going to be 103 and it is totally almost 110" You are right they did say there was supposed to be a cold front this week, I hope it cools down in time for the cowboys game next week" Problem and argument solved.


*Store chains are different. Back home we have Kroger’s, here we have H-E-B. Back home we have Burger King and Hardees’s here in Texas we have WHATABURGER. Not a big difference in these establishments except that both HEB and Whataburger are far more fun to say, espically if you say it as if your singing a sweet love song.
IMG_0744 IMG_0745

*Texas is kind of in love with themselves. I was instructed on my arrival to this great state on what to say when people asked me where I’m from (apparently it is painstakingly obvious that i am not from the south). I am supposed to say that while I’m not originally from Texas, i got here as soon as i could. I guess I can see why the residents of this state are so proud/in love with the 28th state.IMG_0731 How could you not with such a rich history that is filled with wars and battles that ultimately freed this land. After saying that statement i must warn you, While my US history class in good old Indiana did cover "Remember the Alamo" I either forgot, or was absent that day, because I’m not entirely sure what they were fighting about, who they were fighting against..I’m not so sure we won..so It is at this time I shall direct you to the Wikipedia link that will describe the events of the Alamo to you more accurately than this Hoosiers description. Back to the point at hand that Texans are in love with Texas. After embarking on the 16 hour car ride we cross several states. Indiana, Ill. Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas and finally Texas. With each state our car passes through the first thing i notice is that the closer we get the more fancy the road signs and overpasses become. Indiana through MO its just your basic green sign with city and rest stop information..AK and TX have their state symbol and silhouette plaster on EVERYTHING.

IMG_0721 IMG_0722

*Your average small to medium size business are also very proud of their state. In Indiana a carpenter would shop at Bobs bathroom & kitchen tile Inc. In Texas a carpenter would shop at Big Bobs Bathroom & kitchen Tile and B-B-Q of Central Texas Lone Star State inc. If the words Texas or b-b-q do not appear in the title of the company, you better bet that the state of Texas or the lone stare emblem is on the store sign, it is as second nature as a period or exclamation point.


*High School Football is just as big loud and broadcasted as much as the cowboys. The town we live in now is pretty moderate, Temple Texas, if you are from Indiana we are just a touch bigger than Lafayette. With that said every single high-school in this city and neighboring cities have a football stadium that can seat more people than the stadium that the Sycamores play at in Terre Haute. And from what i have seen so far..every seat is FULL. Weekly magazines are published marking the progress results and overall news of HIGH school football teams. And these kids start training at like the age of 6 to be rough and tough tacklers, sackers and touch downers. Those that are not chosen to lead the life of football excellence lead the way in tailgating greatness, because lets face it, whenever there is a good game there are 30-40 Texas Edition trucks lined up with beer and brawts and BBQ ready to celebrate.



*Telemundo! Matt and I have yet to make that call and order Time Warner cable yet. But don’t you shed a prime time tear for me, our antenna provides more than enough entertainment than we know what to do with. In Indiana we had WTHI, WTWO, WFXW and if you were lucky to get the Indy channels WRTV and WTHR. I’m not one to brag, but here in Texas we have ABC and Fox in English AND we have ABC and Fox and Telemundo and weather in Spanish. Actually if we were keeping score between major networks, weather channels and public access channels in English and Major networks, weather channels and public access channels in Spanish, we have more Spanish channels than English. At first it was frustrating, then it was tolerable, now its just entertaining. Nothing like coming home from a hard day of work and flipping on the tube and watching the 1st transformer or Disney Pixar’s UP completely dubbed (poorly i might add) in Spanish. Or cleaning the house on your day off while watching your favorite soap opera drama unfold on "Tierra De Passiones" (land of passions).


*Bugs, birds, and reptiles. If you follow this blog (surely someone does) that means you more than likely are here because of my Face book, and if you Face book stalk me as well you have in no doubt seen my love hate relationship with lizards, newts salamanders whatever they are. Back home all i had to do was make sure there were no slugs on the sidewalk, here as soon as the sun sets its an amphibious free for all. They are EVERYWHERE and clearly have no respect for the human animal/reptile code. You know that unspoken rule that that clearly states that if a human is coming towards you (the bird, squirrel, lizard, you turn the other way. Nope, not these guys, they are world champions when it comes to playing chicken and I’m fairly certain that my front door is where they practice their duals..I’ve not won a single round to date.


Closing Arguments

Do I miss Indiana? Yes, how could you not. Beautiful fall scenery, covered bridges, Indianapolis Colts, Indy car and a fair shot at having all 4 seasons not just 2. The majority of my family and friends are there and lots of memories.  Do I like where I am living now? Definitely! You cant argue with a state that boasts an average winter heat of about 55 Degrees (I just hated forcing my husband to scrape the ice off my car every morning for three months in Indiana, it wasn’t fair to him or my car 😉 ) and offers you an ocean within a three hour drive. I have my pick of 7 major league sports teams to bandwagon follow. "The cowboys are the best team ever! Oh the Texans are in the Superbowl you say…OMG I LOVE THE TEXANS" I’ve got a better chance of "my" team winning! In the end when all is said and done and all jokes aside, there is something definitely validating about a young married couple moving far away from the traditional safety net, and actually surviving!