300 Writing Prompts #5: What Are You Recovering From Right Now?

What are you recovering from right now?

 When I sat down to tackle todays writing prompt, several items of recovery came to mind. None of them seemed to be substantial in length nor of real importance, so I decided to gather them together in a short-ish list. And here we go…


  • I’m recovering from 2018. Not 2018 in terms of events, but 2018 in terms of the numbers. Here we are 4 days into the New Year and not once have I managed to write a single date correctly.


  • 2 words, carb withdrawl. Without turning this into the stereotypical “new year new me” post, my husband and I have been eating a lot less carbs for about a week now. Bread I could care less about, but fruit and MILK are a whole different story.


  • The after effects of Christmas. While our whole house has been cleaned from top to bottom and our decorations and treasured presents have found their rightful spots, I keep finding pieces of glitter everywhere. 2015 Jennifer thought it would be cute to decorate the tree one year with decorative swags that feature what I thought to be a tasteful dusting of silver and gold. They only lasted 1 year, but the trail of glitter they left behind haunts me to this day.


  • The plural of the word “cat.” I don’t know if I had mentioned it on here yet, but we recently had to have one of our pet cats Rowdy put to sleep. It was a terrible experience that I have never had to go through before, and while we are working on not being as sad, it still stings when one of says “did you feed the cats?” or “Do the cats need their litter box changed out yet?”


  • Mother nature. She’s been on one this past fall and winter. It has been cooler here in Texas than it normally is (not that I should complain too much, I’m used to worse) and to make matters worse it has rained straight through the last few days. We are talking miserable cold with 2 ½ inches of water. Yeah, I’ll pass.

screen shot 2019-01-03 at 2.52.42 pm


What do you find yourself recovering from this week?

Published by Jennifer Shidler

I am a Hoosier at heart who has moved to the heart of Texas with my husband Matthew, our cats Rowdy & Mosby and our dogs Lucy & Wrigley. Matthew is a Chief Flight instructor at a flight school in Austin and I care for my mother full time and write random thoughts and posts in between. I started writing this blog as a way to keep people back home updated on our lives here in Texas, and has turned into a way to relax, think and to make others laugh!

9 thoughts on “300 Writing Prompts #5: What Are You Recovering From Right Now?

  1. I’m recovering from an awful nightmare I had for the ENTIRE night last night. I even woke up for like 20 minutes, went back to sleep, and still kept having the same bad dream. I would tell you all about it, but I think I might write a post about it. Also, i’m in recovery, so I’m always recovering, I guess. 🙂

  2. I’m recovering from work! I had almost two full weeks off from my nanny job and when I returned, there was an extra person under 18 (my boss does homestays), my kids were in their last few days of holidays so they aren’t sleeping right and in pjs all day and have decided the only way to respond to things is to whine, one of their aunts is sick and in the hospital, the regular cleaner is on a 6-week holiday, the regular cook has the flu. And I just wanted a nice easy transition back into work before school started up again lol

  3. The gym. I tried to get in some hard core strength training a few days before the new year because I knew it would become overrun with newbies that I was trying to avoid and I think I may have over did it a bit. Ah well. Yesterday was rest day, so today, we shall see how many new faces there are. 🙂

  4. I’m supposed to be recovering from caffeine withdrawals about now. I swore to myself I could quit caffeine during the winter break so I could get past the inevitable headaches before returning to work next week. That didn’t happen. It still needs to happen. I might just have to suck it up and live with the headaches during school hours…

  5. Hello Jennifer. I found your blog by way of Paul over at The Captain’s Speech who I like to call my identical twin brother from Canada (he calls me his identical American twin) because we both share the same first name. We are identical in every way, except that we don’t look anything alike and my nose is red and his nose is normal. Otherwise, we’re the spitting image of each other. With one other minor flaw—our last names are spelled differently (might be because they’re not the same. Oh, and we have different parents too! But, when we look in our mirrors at home, we look absolutely identical. As for what I am recovering from this week? Well, I’m still recovering all the Christmas ornaments that I dropped in the garage while putting them away. A task my wife gave me and one which may land me on Santa’s naughty list for next year—I’m certain I made the wife’s. Anyway, it was nice to find your blog. Happy New Year. :O)

    1. Glad you found my blog! It’s rare to find your doppelgänger so I’m super jealous! 😉 Sorry about the ornaments, good news is you have 11 months to work your way off Santas naughty list. Just remember, Santa can’t be bribed, but I bet your wife can! Start with flowers and work your way up from there! lol

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