Cinema {ish} With Jennifer: Pulp Fiction

AFI # 94 Pulp Fiction (1994)

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I will begin each review with a “What I know, or What I Think I Know…” intro. These intros were all compiled before I set out on this journey, and can be read in their entirety (HERE).

The Review

Several stories being told at once, but all connected somehow. Samuel L. Jackson is a hit man who carries around a briefcase for his boss and is angered easily. John Travolta, also a hitman falls for his boss’s girl, they dance in a retro diner and in her living room. Girl overdoses on drugs that where not hers, but why not, and is violently revived. Weirdness ensues during the whole movie.

Remember the good old days when I got to watch movies like Toy Story and Yankee Doodle Dandy? Yeah, me neither. At least with this movie, I had already seen it and knew what I had in store. Although, knowing what was coming didn’t make it any easier to watch.

Being that this is my second time through watching this movie (which I still don’t feel old enough to watch, btw) there are two questions I still have.

1. Whats in the brief case?! Is it revealed in the plot and I miss it? I took to google because…google knows everything and it appears that I am not the only one who has ever wondered this. Further proof that there are no original thoughts. The leading theories are Mr. Wallace’s Soul, Diamonds and some type or radioactive material.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.24.37 PM

2. Why do bad things always happen when Vincent (John Travolta) goes to the restroom? The end of the movie, Vincent goes to the restroom decides to read a book and the diner they are eating at gets robbed, The middle of the movie (its told out-of-order) Vincent comes out of the restroom only to be shot dead by Bruce Willis, and at the beginning of the movie, he excuses himself to the bathroom in an effort to talk himself out of getting into trouble with his bosses wife. He comes out of the bathroom to find that she has almost overdosed on some of his drugs.

I know a more serious movie buff would have a better dissection of everything that went on this film, but alas, my taste is more of the “Toy Story” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy” variety, so this is what you get. Sorry, not sorry.


Looking for a serious review of this movie and the rest of movies on AFI’s greatest 100 list? Check out the The Confusing Middle and read his thoughts!

7 movies down, 92 to go! Next up: The French Connection. Sigh.

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