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A blogger friend of mine tagged me in a ‘getting to know you’ question challenge (I know I know, I have already done my fair share of these, what more could I have left to answer) and insisted I get back to posting sooner rather than later. In an effort to get back into the swing of things I will accommodate her request and bore you with 30 facts about myself. Enjoy.

Full name

Jennifer Lynne Shidler

Something I’m talented at

  1. I like to think I am good at making others feel comfortable and laugh, but mostly I am good at starting a blog, sticking with it for a solid two years and then dropping it like a bag of bricks for almost 3 years. 3 years, Holy Crap!! In that time I’ve adopted another dog. The Cubs have one a World Series. (yep, you read that right) We’ve elected a new President (sigh) and I’ve entered a whole new age bracket on most customer satisfaction surveys. Why hello group ’30-35′ not only are you my age group, but also my minute mile group.3 fears

Snakes, Spiders, losing an iCloud backup

3 things I love

Family, baseball, my 2 dogs

My best friend

My husband Matthew, you see, he brings me milk at night..and I love milk. Maybe Milk is my best friend? Nope, its Matthew, definitely Matthew. I think.

Last song I listened to

Beautiful World- Colin Hay


Humor, Cubs, Beaches (the movie and the sand kind)


Driving slow in the left lane, chewing loud, well fed cats begging for food at 4 am. The kitchen doesn’t open until 6 am my fat fury friends.

What color underwear I’m wearing right now

(this quiz is about to take a turn for the weird for a second and I apologize for that) I am not wearing any…and before you unsubscribe, vomit and throw your computer out the window, I am in a swim suit typing this pool side. So, lets re-focus/re-group and keep our eye on the prize, shall we?

The reason I started blogging

First off, I don’t know if I would call my ‘brand’ of writing “blogging” as it is more of an unorganized virtual diary of chaotic yet funny thoughts, but regardless of what I call it, it all began because the notes app on my phone always seemed to be full of my internal monologue. Little quips or thoughts that would come to me randomly when I was either alone or with people who wouldn’t appreciate my humor. The note section was getting long, so I decided to gather those thoughts in one area where people could come and go as they please.

Something I really want

Right now, a cold glass of unsweet Ice tea (that’s right..unsweet..keep your opinions to yourself. This is a safe zone)..but ask me again in a few hours and I guarantee this answer will be “someone to rub aloe vera all over my body”

My current relationship status

Married for 8 years

Meaning behind my URL

Actually, this is a funny story….. you see, it is my name.

My favorite movie

You’ve Got Mail. All day every day.

My favorite song

Currently: Seagulls (Stop it now)—A bad lip reading of Star Wars. This is the internet I signed up for.

My favorite band

Paul McCartney & Wings

3 Things that upset me

When people argue about politics, Trash talking about sports, when we are out of milk.

3 Things that make me happy

A great Thunderstorm, a great close ballgame that ends my way, fresh gallon of milk in the fridge.

Favorite TV show

Toss-up between Greys Anatomy, Scrubs & Roseanne

My favorite holiday

Baseball Opening Day

My closest High School Friend

Emily. Oh, the stories and the inside jokes!

A confession

While I want to visit every MLB stadium and plan to do so, (only 23 left to go) I enjoy the game more watching it from home or listening to it on the radio while sitting in my hammock.

3 Things that annoy me easily

Chewing loudly/gulping, Trash talking to provoke rage out of someone, repetitive tapping

 My pets

I have two dogs, Wrigley and Lucy and two cats, Rowdy and Mosby

One thing I’ve lied about

I lie to myself every night when I say “tomorrow, I am going to get up early, get the laundry and the dishes done eat a balanced breakfast and a sensible lunch all before I play with my toys in my craft room” one of these days it won’t be a lie. Until then, I will enjoy Lucky Charms at noon.

Something that’s currently worrying me

I just performed a solo of Hotel California from the hammock in the backyard…I thought I was alone, but it now appears that the neighbor children are laughing. Luckily the fence separates us, because I don’t have time for pictures and autographs.

My future goals

Realistically: Learn to play the piano, two new blog posts a week, finish all craft projects before taking on a new one, keeping car clean, bake a coconut cream pie

Un-Realistically: Learn to go to bed before 11pm and wake before 8 am, stop talking to the dogs in baby talk voice, stop biting my nails & wear matching socks

My favorite store

Amazon. The internet is a strange weird place, and Amazon delivers pieces of that strange weird place to my door in two days for free. #prime

My favorite food

It’s a tie between Mashed Potatoes and seafood boils with crab legs, shrimp

My Favorite Quote

“This is gonna be a tough play. Bryant… The Cubs… Win the World Series! Bryant makes the play! It’s over! And the Cubs have finally won it all! 8-7 in 10!” -Joe Buck


Published by Jennifer Shidler

I am a Hoosier at heart who has moved to the heart of Texas with my husband Matthew, our cats Rowdy & Mosby and our dogs Lucy & Wrigley. Matthew is a Chief Flight instructor at a flight school in Austin and I care for my mother full time and write random thoughts and posts in between. I started writing this blog as a way to keep people back home updated on our lives here in Texas, and has turned into a way to relax, think and to make others laugh!

One thought on “Thinking {ish} With Jennifer

  1. I love this! You are so talented! I love Paul!!! And I love milk, online shopping and mashed potatoes. And…not necessarily in that order!
    Thank you! 😊

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