So Ya Want To Push My Buttons, eh?… “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That…”


what really gridns my gears After watching an episode of Family Guy with Peter Griffin on the news with his “What really grinds my gears..” bit, I thought that since I had already wrote a blog on what I was thankful for (read it HERE) that I should write one talking about the opposite, you know, the every day, mundane things that seem to get to us the most.  Since most of my readers know me on a personal basis..take notes..this could come in handy some day..just saying..

1.) Laundry…why are you so two cats require less attention than you do.hang nail

2. Hang are not welcome..go home no one invited you. ( not google hang wont like what you see.)

3. The crusty crust and residual liquid found on/around ketchup and mustard bottles. You can stand to learn something from the other members of the condiment family, like mayo for example. They have their act together. What’s your excuse?

bra 4. Bra straps, wires, and hooks. A unfortunate necessary evil literally designed to help AND paralyze the person who has to wear it…all day…every day…you five year olds have no idea how easy you have it.

5. My husbands stuffed pig, aka, “Boris T. Rockefeller III” that he shot while on a hunting trip with a good friend. Doesn’t Matthew know that if our life was really a Stephen King novel, Boris would indeed be the villain/killer and we are just sitting ducks in this apartment/crime scene awaiting Boris’s evil plans to come to a head. (yea..I’m not paranoid or anything..)

6.Stubborn Pimples that appear on a face that usually pimple free (yep..not that I’m bragging about that or anything ) and refuse to leave or surrender.

7. Opening up a full mailbox, heading back to the apartment with an anxious feeling of “ohh what did I get!!” going through it all..and see nothing but bills and coupons for a restaurant that has had laundrymore health code violations then hair on my head..

8. As an appendix to the first item on this list, laundry that appears dry when you go to take it out of the dryer, that is until you’ve exhausted all effort removing said laundry from the drum only to find that in fact 65-95% of it is still sopping wet. See, I told you it was needy. 

9. Articles of clothing that you haven’t worn in years,go to put in the goodwill pile where it will sit for two days untouched..that is until sentimental feelings rear their ugly head..then its back on the hanger it goes..(maybe next spring..but no..probably not)

apple vs android 10. Applications that you download bc you think you will love them, keep them on your phone for a month, then you decide you need to make life easier with less clutter and chaos so you delete said un-used application only to find yourself needing it just two hours later. Well played neglected app. Well played.

11. Expensive pens that make your hand writing look like that of a calligraphy god, that is until said pen is stolen and replaced with a 10 cent bic pen that is missing its cap. Goodbye beautiful penmanship, hello 3rd grade serial killer writing. handwriting

12. Shoes, socks and underwear that refuse to last more than 5 years..if my cat can live past the age of should you.

Ok readers, I’ve shared what pushes my buttons…now tell me..what pushes yours?