Tools and Items needed for a Paul McCartney Concert


While watching the presidential debates this past month, Romney & Obama spoke on many topics and referenced their plans to get our country back on the economic high path. Romney in particular spoke of his "5 point plan" ( 2 Google searches and a yahoo answers page later I can now name all 5 steps…provided that I have that page pulled up in front of me) and while his plan did not turn out the best outcome, I just know this 12 point plan will put any Paul McCartney fan in the right direction.

It Began with a CD.

In fourth grade I received my very first walk man for my birthday, and with it I received a copy of the white Album and the debut spice girls cd. With the White Album included a postcard mailer that if, returned to the company, would add you to the Paul McCartney fan club! At this point in my life the only fan club I was apart of was the burger king birthday club, so this had to be a step up! It is because of that membership (and the white album still one of my favorites) that I was able to buy my tickets almost a week and a half before they went on sale to the general public. Being a nerd never paid off so much in my life!

Bucket List

My Sophomore English teacher (Mr. Winston) had a great way to keep his students thinking creatively. We had composition notebooks, and each day of class he wrote a two topics on the board that we had to choose from and write about as an entry in a journal. One of the first entries we did into the year was write a 20 point bucket list of things we would want to do before we die. Any guesses on what my first bucket list item was? It said see any of the three Beatles in concert. (George had not yet passed away yet)..I know what your thinking, how could somebody with an awesome bucket list like that NOT be the most popular person in all of Turkey Run Jr. Sr. High?! Baffles me to this day! Smile

 Make sure the outfit is right…

imageAfter spending hours on amazon looking for the right outfit, I found it! I was sold on the shirt from amazon when another interested user asked in the q&a portion of the site, if wearing their shirt would get them some "action"…to which the site holder responded "Our shirts are great ice-breakers but you’ll need to garnish slightly with witty banter and cute smiles to attract your hottie.  However, we’ve heard nothing but successful stories about sweet hook-ups. Good luck"  Oh goodness! If the “action” this savvy shopper was referring to, was some sweet action concert time with Sir Paul, then yes sir, count me in! We also made sure our vehicle was properly dressed as well! Everyone now knows that this 2010 blue dodge journey belongs to a Indiana State University Alum who likes the Beatles and likes to fly (cant tell in this picture but opposite of Abby Road is a pilot sticker!)


 Keep the man alive!

helicopterFor the love of God, I cannot stress this step enough, keep the man alive until the concert. This article explains it all!  What is it about musicians and aircrafts? have you not studied the lyrics to American pie? Or learned anything from the deaths of Big Bopper, John Denver, Lynard Skynard, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Holly?! Just say no! And then take a boat…how many of the Beatles died on the Titanic? That’s right, NONE, bam..point made! Also..lets keep this guy, Mark David Chapman, in jail and not on parole…mmmkay


 Room décor

Room décor? This is a concert right?! While yes, this is a concert over 3 hours away, but you never know if a blizzard will hit the state of Texas (it could happen right?!), and suddenly Paul Mccartney needs a place to stay! Well your in luck Sir Paul, chateau Shidler in Temple Texas has room in their inn, and the Beatles suite is waiting for you! (hope you like cats, because they’ve learned to like you!) At chateau Shidler we offer breakfast in bed (frosted flakes ok?) and turn down service complete with a lullaby! “Golden slumbers fill your eyes, smiles awake you when you rise, sleep pretty darling do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby”

Chateau Shidler Beatles Suite!

Spread the Word, But try not to alienate co-workers, family, friends and cats…paulcountdown

If there is anything I learned in the years, months, days and hours leading up to my wedding, it is giving a constant update to the upcoming event can be a bit pretentious and annoying.  So, this time around, I tried to keep it simple and classy! Only a few posts when I ordered the tickets and then bi-monthly updates until the week leading into the concert, then its everyman for its self. This rule, although, does not apply to verbal statements with friends, co-workers and customers, as I no longer have a verbal filter that tells me t.o stop. I do have ADD, and this is when it comes out the most. Customer: “hi, my name is Cindy and this is my Husband Paul, we are here to get an iPhone!” “Hi Cindy and Paul, my name is Jennifer and I will be taking care of you today! Paul is a great name, did you know that Paul McCartney is coming to Houston in October!”

Educate the novice Beatle Fan

Matthew, in our four years of dating, has come to know a few of the songs that made the Beatles famous, but he only knows the songs that EVERYBODY knows, which isn’t even scratching the surface, not to mention the fact this is a Paul McCartney concert and he has many hits as a solo artist or with Wings that are just as good (I would argue to say better, listen to the album “Ram”)! So when the concert was announced, operation “Ram” had begun.  We put all the cd’s into playlists and put them on his iPhone and iPod so he could bone up. I refuse to be the there with the obvious bandwagon fan. (I trained the cats too, just in case)

Testing, 1…2…3..

To maximize the concert experience, all scenarios planned out and useful equipment tested before hand. We took a map of Houston, plotted possible parking locations, dinning facilities, double checked with the box office to confirm tickets were there, printed off any confirmation code associated with this event and double checked licenses. Once that was done, we moved to equipment. Camera, check, batteries and charger, check check, cell phone cords, check, car chargers, check and most importantly, iPhone case with external 8 hour battery to increase battery life of phone just in case camera batteries fail, check! Be prepared, not scared!

Excited faces

If your like me, and have been waiting for a moment like this for over 15 years, then it is important to have the proper game face. Just like celebrities at the Oscars, they want to have the perfect look on their face when the presenter calls their name and the camera falls on didn’t think that was natural did you?! (probably is but just go with it) so in the months leading up to this concert, I and many people around me have been practicing our OMG faces! The picture on the far left is the “OMG he is singing Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey!” The middle picture is the “OMG, he is singing Deliver your Children!!” and the third picture is “OMG he is playing HEY JUDE!”

1. OMG he is playing Uncle Albert

Wait impatiently for tickets to arrive

Check mail box 2/3 times a day and harass the mailman until tickets arrive in the mail. (for a while I was beginning to think the mail man was a rolling stones fan, due to their lack of arrival!) No buy and print option here, its not a real concert till some security guard in a bright yellow/orange shirt named pat asks for my tickets and then  gently takes his half of the perforation.

Location, Location, Location

Obsess over seating, spend hours looking at your seating assignment then scouring the web for web sites that show you seat views. Visualize the view and continue to reassure herself that section 208 row 8 seat 5&6 are the best seats in the house and quite worth 2  car payments. Location also includes agonizing the placement of the hotel, parking and food destinations so that you can triangulate and optimize Paul McCartney sightings….or unfortunately, in our case, stay at the semi shady Days in 10 miles away because all the rich Paul McCartney fans have taken every nice hotel room within walking distance of the venue…oh the struggles of being upper lower class!

Prepare your thank you’s in advance

Deliver thank you speeches to all effected parties:

"I would like to thank the city of St. Louis for allowing Paul to do a practice concert with them on 11/11 so that he could effectively rock the house on 11/14 in Houston!!"

“to the person sitting in front of me at the concert, thank you for sacrificing your eardrums. I apologize ahead of time for the lack of hearing in both of your a bit of a screamer at concerts”

“To the person sitting behind me shouting “OMG this is my favorite song” right before every song starts….go home..your drunk…thank you"

“Thank you to the readers of this blog, who have in no doubt been alienated by my posts and banter on Facebook and at work! I assure you, the real Jennifer will return to her normal, non-obsessing self, in just a few short days, I think..”

Published by Jennifer Shidler

I am a Hoosier at heart who has moved to the heart of Texas with my husband Matthew, our cats Rowdy & Mosby and our dogs Lucy & Wrigley. Matthew is a Chief Flight instructor at a flight school in Austin and I care for my mother full time and write random thoughts and posts in between. I started writing this blog as a way to keep people back home updated on our lives here in Texas, and has turned into a way to relax, think and to make others laugh!

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